Now is the perfect time to be collecting the Yakuza Series.

Why right now is the perfect time to be collecting the Yakuza series.

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derkasan1853d ago

Amazing series. I really wish we got the Yakuza 1+2 release stateside, especially since Yakuza 2 costs an arm and a leg these days.

RedRangerRobin1852d ago

actually, they announced at PSX 2016 they are bringing 1 and 2 stateside in an all new remake on the ps4

BlaqMagiq11852d ago

I could've sworn they just announced 6 and Kiwami was coming stateside.

derkasan1852d ago

I wish. They're remaking 1 (Kiwami) and bringing that stateside, but there was an HD remake for the first two games that came out for the PS3 (and Wii U for some reason). I'd love to see that make its way to the PS4 in English.

PhoenixUp1852d ago

I couldn't enjoy Yakuza 4 but I did like Yakuza 5 a lot

ONESHOTV21852d ago

i enjoyed all of then and they come with there ups and downs but it normally goes away after my first play through and the second is normally when i start to really enjoy it

derkasan1852d ago

Saejima's chapter in 5 kind of dragged on a little bit, but Shinada's part totally made up for it.

ONESHOTV21852d ago

i agree if you can get the ps3 versions then do so dont watch the graphics just play it for the story until the PS4 versions come out

GrimReaperGamer1852d ago

If North America and EU could get a remastered collection for Yakuza 2 - Yakuza 5 I'd be so happy. Can't wait for Yakuza 0 and Kiwami in 2017 and Yakuza 6 in 2018.

Der_Kommandant1852d ago

I can't wait for Yakuza 0 next month!!

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