Euro 360 price cuts "brought forward because of Woolies leak"

Seems as though this morning's European 360 cut announcement was sprung on retail as well as everyone else. UK retailers only found out about the timing of the new prices yesterday, and we're told by a reliable source this morning that the announcement was jumped forward thanks to last week's Woolworths leak.

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Zip3686d ago

I belive this will push the xbox forward in Europe, but will it be in time to make up for the lost ground? ... I cant help myself from thinking that its the Allied invasion of Europe during the second world war, first the brits got kicked out, then 4 years later, they come back with friends in full force ... a little lame comment, but you get my point hopefully.

p.s Im a ps3 fanboy/owner, but I can still be friendly towards the xbox brothers

GameOn3686d ago

I don't think thats quite how it happened.

Captain Tuttle3686d ago

Thank you. I needed a good laugh to start my day.


ConanOBrien3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Yap.. it sounda like a desperate measure from M$. BUT Homoboys have nothing to stop M$ business plans, so these Homeboys could only call it "a desperate move", "Poor M$", "Allied invasion" and all that. The real SAD NEWS is that SONY Homeboys take it too seriously. LMAOLOL.. why bother trolling on Xbox News?? Who's really desperate in here? ;D ;D

Get over it and cheers up, life's good. the # of disagrees stacking up! ------->

Capt CHAOS3686d ago

At that price, it's worth buying and then getting rid of second hand if you're going to upgrade to a PS3 at a later date (waiting for prices to come down).

GameOn3686d ago

2nd hand prices will drop when the RRP drops.

Capt CHAOS3686d ago

1/2 of 130 is less of a loss then 1/2 of 180..

GameOn3686d ago

so you loose £65 instead of £90.
Do yourself a favour mate and don't give up your day-job. Otherwise you'll never be able to afford a PS3.

Zip3686d ago

Huh? wasnt you tougth history in school? (im not trying to be offensive here) and I know I know, I havent learned english spelling and gramma too :(

GameOn3686d ago

I just re-read what he said and I'm not sure what I was thinking.
I'm gonna put it down to the fact I had just woken up.

KingDizzi3686d ago

The price is very good but I expect a sales increase for about a month and then the juggernaut Wii will take over sales again by a huge margin. BTW no the 360 will not outsell the Wii due to the price drop, nothing will ever make that happen so deal with it people. -_-

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )


+ The xBox 360 has been cheaper than the 'Wii' in the U.K for a while but the 'Wii' is still Killing it??? I don't understand that???
(I sound like a Nintendo FanBoy!!!) ;-D

+ I'd rather spend my Money on Woolies Pick'n'Mix Sweets!!! ;-D

cahill3686d ago

since we are talking europe and x360 doesnt sell there

arcade already costs 200 euro with 2 free games in EU

Poor MS. give up

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