Evolution: MotorStorm Could Get Split-Screen

In an interview with Edge, MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios said they might introduce split-screen mode to their upcoming over-the-top driver if there is enough demand for it.

"MS: Rally Evolved dropped split-screen and we'll probably leave it that way for MotorStorm unless we get an overwhelming demand. Splitting all that high-def detail into two is a performance nightmare. However, the beauty of online consoles is that the game can change in the future and we can sit down with SCEE and say, 'Let's offer this for download - the fans want it'."

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sevenout5228d ago (Edited 5228d ago )

So, we have hard proof that the PS3 is a pain in the ass to program for and a feature that is present in just about every other racer out there is missing from Motorstorm, but somehow (might) be added at a later date if the fans want it?

Honestly, if Motorstorm is taxing the performance limit of the PS3 AT LAUNCH, then the future ain't looking too bright for the "HD" "1080p on all games" system.

Sure, everyone and their grandmother keeps stating that the PS3 is a real pain in the ass to program for, but somehow, sometime in the future, programmers will unlock the "full" potential of the PS3. Yeah, in 2010 we will finally have reached the "true potential" of the cell and the PS3. LOL.

Antan5228d ago

LOL, theres my name up there in lights again!!

MikeMichaels5228d ago (Edited 5228d ago )

....on the forum claiming to know somthing about the PS3.

FACT: Motorstorm looks amazing, oh well....we'll just have to deal with that..

Poor us.

r10005228d ago

LOL.... exactlyyyyyy

Some xbug fanboy thinking just cuz he plays games.... all of sudden he's a game developer and knows something about coding...


MissAubrey5228d ago

c'mon enough demand for it??? what are they on?

jackie chann5228d ago

Are they on drugs or something? Theres only so many hours that single player can provide and not everyone has the internet.

Not adding it will be a big mistake

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The story is too old to be commented.