It is time to publish PC games as Steam exclusives

For over 25 years now PC games have been available on disks and in boxes at retail stores around the world. This business model is now well and truly broken because most people would rather steal games over the internet than pay for them. Game publishers have tried a number of protection strategies (DRM or Digital Rights Management) but none of them work and they cause a great deal of resentment amongst legitimate users. Why alienate your customers?

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Le-mo3682d ago

Finally Bruce, an article that makes sense.

vitz33682d ago

I hope that's a joke.

DethWish3682d ago

Oh yes.
Though you should still use the cd-key activation system that Valve used for HL2 etc.

jay23682d ago

Are the way of the future.

DeadlyFire3682d ago

Digital is the way of the future, but I doubt digital downloads will become exclusive digital downloads for awhile longer though. Alot of pockets of North America have less than 1 Mbs internet. I know I live around them. I have 3 Mbps. Its better, but still takes awhile if you want to download something.

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The story is too old to be commented.