Microsoft abandons Vista? writes: "It's no secret that Windows Vista has created a division in the PC community since its release. Whether it be in the form of new laptops only shipping with Windows Vista driver support or programs that have not been able to make the migration from the stability of Windows XP to the uncertainty of Windows Vista, Microsoft's latest operating system has caused more than its fair share of headaches for developers and consumers alike. And although the company still defends its latest OS, Vista's planned three year lifespan may be cut shorter than expected"

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MURKERR3688d ago

really irked me how they did that with the original xbox,now with vista only time will tell with the 360

RealityCheck3687d ago

Don't forget when they abandoned the "Plays for Sure" initiative that they had started for music.

waltercross3687d ago

I Use Windows Vista, Messed up how MS does this
so often, I'll be moving over to Apple though
next PC.

riksweeney3687d ago

Windows Vista: The Windows ME of today

Sitdown3687d ago

to see the base we know how big/small this growth actually is.

Aclay3687d ago

I'm just glad I still have Windows XP. If Windows Vista didn't have so many incompatibility issues I think that it would be a pretty nice OS.

narindp3687d ago

the origional xbox. That must be annyoing for consumers that buy their products

Fishy Fingers3687d ago

Whaaa? Learn some context, leave console bashing in console threads. Enough threads are spoilt, lets try and keep PC "clean" can we.

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The story is too old to be commented.