ScrewAttack Top 20 Genesis Games (10-1)

The very best from good ol' 90s #2. Where does your favorite land on the list?

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vitz33776d ago

Let me guess. Sonic is #1 right? These top (number here) lists are getting stale.

LeShin3776d ago

Actually you're wrong.

InMyOpinion3776d ago

I'd pick Phantasy Star IV instead of II. Why is Moonwalker on there?

LeShin3776d ago

lol you obviously didn't watch the whole video.

Miraak82 3776d ago

besides from super mario rpg, phantasy star 4 is what got me into rpgs, I remember , i must've rented that game like 6 times b4 I beat it. has any1 ever played slaughter sport for the by any chance. it was rare , but it was one of the coolest and wierdest fighting games I ever played back in the day or the origanal Crackdown for genasis?


as far as the mega drive goes... Target Earth. anyone remember that game ?

oh, and ranger x.

I had a thing for big robots at the time... those were the days.

iceman28853776d ago

Can anyone post the list?

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