Which of this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold bargains should you pick up? – 20th December 2016

Carlos writes "So here we are in the run up to the most festive day of the year, and no matter if you're one of the many dashing around the shops trying to find those perfect gifts just in time for Christmas, or one of the early birds who had Christmas sorted months ago, something we can all appreciate at this time of year is the joy of some well-priced bargains.

With the arrival of a fresh batch of Xbox Live Deals With Gold discounts, let’s take a look to see which titles you should - and shouldn't - be casting your eyes towards to bridge the gap to Christmas."

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neil363670d ago

Very interested in Fragments of Him at that price. Never Alone is great too

oSHINSAo670d ago

Well i was waiting for Darksiders 2 DE, plus Metro Redux bundle at that price, i got both in my country currency equivalent to 9 dlls. that's a bargain

neil363670d ago

Decent prices but were they not both Games With Gold titles in the last year or so? Or have I got that wrong.

oSHINSAo670d ago

i think Darksiders 2 was for 360, don't know anything about Metro, maybe too for the 360 version

neil363669d ago

Ah yep, it was on 360. In that case, these need picking up too!