Activision CEO Expects At Least 8 Year PS3 Lifecycle

During the Activision Blizzard Analyst Day, CEO Robert Kotick expressed his expectations that the PS3 will last at least eight years. Since Activision Blizzard is now "largest payer of royalties to the first-parties of any third-party company," the CEO believes the company is "starting to influence hardware design." When is that going to happen, you ask? "I think there's a long life ahead of us, we're in year eight of PlayStation 2 and when you look at PlayStation 3 technically we're likely to see at least eight years' success."

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RememberThe3573688d ago

I like my big black boxy shaped, in a roundish way, gaming work horse called the PlayStation 3.

El_Colombiano3688d ago

It is a Playstation, it can not do anything less than eight years, unlike other consoles that last four years...

AAACE53687d ago

I think the Ps3 is very capable of lasting 8 years! I don't see why this is even being talked about.

This is a Ps3 article saying something good about the Ps3. There is no need to make negative comments about the competition!

When you make unnecassary negative comments in places they don't belong... It makes you look like you are intimidated by that console and may possibly doubt the ability of the console you are defending!

There is a time and place for negative comments about a competitor (this is N4G after all), but this is not the place!

himdeel3687d ago

...if you count from 2008 or 2014 given another 6 years.

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Raoh3688d ago

I love my ps3... when i bought my 360, i didnt want to abandon my ps2...

i hope i have the same type of feeling from upgrading my ps3 in the future, only after i've put some years on it..

i can upgrade this puppy to 500gb hard drive atm........

once HOME is released, developers get with it..

there is only one thing sony needs to get up off their azz about..

unlock the 10gb partition for the secondary Operating System..

i like yellow dog linux but a 10gb partition is limiting.. if they can increase that my son is willing to let go of his bedroom computer, i'll buy my third ps3 and its a wrap

PS3 Gaming Console

Blu Ray/DVD Player

Media Streaming Device

Music Player

Linux Computer

and help cancer research?

all for $400/$500

thats why i'm hoping to get my third ps3 by end of the holidays

Thugbot1873688d ago

In order for the PS3 to survive 8 years as he claims, Sony needs to get a larger install base. Otherwise what’s the incentive for making games for an old console if you’re not going to make money. Let’s not forget the library has to be rather large to keep attracting people.

butterfinger3688d ago

that the PS3 has outsold the 360 in all territories so far this year. I would say that the PS3 will have no problem sticking around as long as the PS2 did.

n4gzz3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

You are absolutely right, no doubt but PS3 is heading that direction. Its following the exact way ps2 did.

edit: Why disagree with thugbot !!! He is right on point.

cahill3688d ago

Otherwise 256 player MAG, 1000 enemies on screen,KZ2, 300 feet bosses would never have been possible on it

come on R2 and M2

finish the console war in europe this Fall
Kill the competition

ape0073688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

ps3 is the ultimate next gen experience

the upcoming games is more than enough

ms2,r2,lbp,killzone 2,wipeout hd and much more



the ps3 owns tbh

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