10 reasons why Duke will be the greatest DLC ever

Quote from site: "The mighty Duke harkens back from a time when videogames weren't for little sissies.

In case you haven't heard the word yet, Microsoft has recently announced that Duke Nukem 3d will be soon available for download on their Xbox 360 service, which is a hugely awesome thing. For the benefit of those among you who have forgotten about this gaming gem, here's ten reasons why it'll rock your world all over again."

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ape0073776d ago

duke nukem is just that good

for me,this maybe the best downloadable game ever

dnf273776d ago

You can't argue with the Duke, but best downloadable game ever? That's a Pamela Anderson DD sized call.

SlappingOysters3776d ago

What else is better? In that genre? Doom i thought was a bit boring, didn't really hold up well. Even absolute classics like Street Fighter didn't port very well. Obvously there is new stuff like Castle Crashes build for the format, but in terms of old-schoolers getting a second life, Duke Nukem has made me erect

dnf273776d ago

Well, I was going to say Doom. But you bring up a good point. It didn't port all that well. However, it is the ultimate FPS classic. Duke is mega awesomness personified in gaming form, no doubt, but Doom will always have on over it for me.

Worst Doom port ever... the SNES version. But that's another story.

kwicksandz3776d ago

the SNES port was ok. the Jaguar port or the 32X ports where abysmal.

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jack who3776d ago

more ppl will dlow this game than the 3 highest selling ps3 game added

SlappingOysters3776d ago

I doubt it. While it is awesome, so much of the Xbox 360 audience would have been stuck in the womb way back when Duke came out.

snoopgg3776d ago

all these old games in their old glory. Go ahead keep telling yourself this. joke who??????/

SlappingOysters3776d ago

The Duke is still the greatest FPS character ever. Damn I miss the humour of 3D Realms. I wish they would stop being whiney little b1tches and hurry up with another good game.

They should bring back shadow warior too - me wanta some Lo Wang

McPerson3776d ago

How can you not love a game that lets you chop people in half and have the Lo Wang say "Ohhh you have a sprit personarity". Awesome.

Does anyone know when this comes out?

SlappingOysters3776d ago

Couple of weeks dude. 24th of Sept I think.

As for Shadow Warrior just a pipe dream at the moment. Pipe Bomb? Cool

kenjix3776d ago

after looking at both trailers it is hilarious that people even think they should be excited. Enjoy the game LOL

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