PSP World: The Force Unleashed Review

AI seems to have suffered a little bit during the translation to the smaller screen. Many enemies will simply stand in one place and shoot at you, or wait for you to attack them. Sometimes it feels as if their only reason to exist is for the player to dispatch them in some gruesome, but ultimately amusing way. Because of this, some of the force powers can feel a little bit OVERpowered, especially when used against hapless storm troopers.

But then, PSP World supposes that is ultimately the point of the game, and bowling for storm troopers using objects littered around the levels is one of the game's finer pleasures.

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kenjix3682d ago

that actually rates the PSP for what it is as opposed to comparing it to the home console? I'm beginning to wonder why other review sites are unable to review handheld games seperate from the home console, are they expecting gamers to carry their home console around with them on the go or something?

clinker3682d ago

Exactly, for a psp game, this is amazing.

farhsa20083682d ago

this game is really fun, been playing it on psp and ps3