This Week’s Deals With Gold Offer Xbox Users Up to 80% Off; ‘Biggest Ever’ Sale Coming Soon

The Microsoft store has this morning been updated with a wide selection of discounted titles as part of Xbox's Deals with Gold program.

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SegaGamer761d ago

I need the DLC for The Escapists so i'll probably get that.

Automatic79761d ago

I just finished Darksiders Warmaster Edition. I am picking up Darksiders 2 Definitive Edition remastered. Wow that deal is a steal.

BETA104761d ago (Edited 761d ago )

I'm right there with you.... $7.50 is just too good of a deal, and I passed it up on the 360.
Although, with my luck it is going to GWG in January

Automatic79761d ago

Na, you should be good. I also passed up both Darksider games on Xbox 360, however, once I completed Darksiders Warmaster Edition. I couldn't believe that I did. I am glad I played on current gen with the remaster touch.

jrshankill760d ago (Edited 760d ago )

Street Fighter x Tekken is the same price, not seeing any discount even when logged in...