Backward Compatibility: What Is Its Future And Is It Even Necessary?

From XboxOZ360:

"Ask yourself these questions.

Do you still play games from last gen? Do they look, sound, and play too dated, or do you consider some of them classics you want to play again and again? Are some of them fun trips down memory lane whenever you get jaded with this generation's offerings? Or, with so many games now on current generation consoles, are you over the past and chasing the future?

So what of the future?

Microsoft has started slowly releasing some Xbox games as Xbox Originals on Live Marketplace in downloadable form. This shows that Microsoft believes there is still profit to be made in re-releasing older Xbox titles on Marketplace and that gamers still want games from the previous generation.

Apparently Sony also see the potential profit and will eventually get into the act of releasing downloadable PS2 titles on the Playstation Network's Store.

So what do you think? Will profit overrule sense and will past games only be available in downloadable form?

Or perhaps not at all, and you'll need to keep your old console and hope it doesn't die? How important is backwards compatibility to you?"

For the full article and an exploration of the possible future of backwards compatibility hit the link:

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leeeeed3687d ago

All these people whinging that Backwards Compatibility is some massive deal. If it's that important, I find that playing BC games on the original Xbox console is far more reliable, less buggy and just works...

Have an original console sitting at home that you can pull out and play if you feel like it. It's not that hard LOL.

I do agree with what Microsoft are doing re: XBLA releases for older games and XO releases for the Original Xbox games, but as for supporting further BC titles, I don't see any point in it.

Masta_fro3687d ago

i think everyone likes to feel a little nostalgic every now and then...

at least i do; so if you can keep the BC, keep it.

gaminoz3687d ago

So what if your 360 gets the RROD sometime after Xbox 720 is released and you can't find them like the current Xbox? I'd rather have my new system able to play some of my personal 'best of' games without needing ANOTHER console in the living room....

I just think it is such a little thing console makers can do to help get people to migrate to the next system and provide them with nostalgic value with some games.

Simmo443687d ago

Be mindful though that some users are new to the Xbox 360 experience. I myself never owned an original xbox, so if I want to play past gems that I missed out on like Ninja Gaiden I have to rely on BC.

UnSelf3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

if u own Marvel vs Capcom 2 then u would understand the urgent NEED for backwards compatiblity.

I have clearly logged more hrs in that game than all the next gen games i own COMBINED!!! (btw i own 10 titles for the 360 and 8 for the ps3 and beat all of them and put over at least 60+ hrs minimum in their respective multiplayer components)

el_bandito3687d ago

Agreed Mr. Bubbles. BC is necessary for people who want to play classics on their next-gen console. Not all classics can be downloaded via XBLA/PSN. Moreover, you wouldn't want to pull out your old console and remove your new one away from your TV just to play an old game.

I know for console devs BC will be additional cost but I reckon it won't hurt that much so might as well add it.

AAACE53687d ago

I am usually tired of the last gen console by the time the new ones come out! I understand that alot of gamers like the fact that you can buy a console and play all your old games as well as new games. But it kind of defeats the purpose to me. I found myself asking... "Why did I buy this next gen console to play old games, when I am just wasting some of the new consoles life by playing them?"

Part of buying a new console is for the new experiences! And if you are stuck in the past... you may not fully appreciate those experiences. Or you should have waited on buying a new console until you were done with the previous one.

The games from last gen were great, and should be remembered that way. And if you loved them that much, you shouldn't have a problem buying a new last gen console (or two) when they are cheap enough to play them on.

breakdancefight3686d ago

I agree to an extent, but having limited space in my entertainment center and we all know the behemoth that was xbox 1. If I can get the same games on the networks/marketplace I am alright with that, too. I play on a PC 24" monitor, so i am limited to Hdmi/Vga. Neiter of which are supported by PS2(in america, japan has VGA adapters) or xbox (without the adapter on ebay). As long as there is some up-res available on the systems to support at the very least 480p or 720p if they are generous.

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GrathiusXR3687d ago

I'm not fussed with the fact they have stopped doing the BC but i do have one quarrel...

007: Everything or Nothing that's the one game i want to be BC =]

I have my XBOX packed away and there's not much point bringing it out to play 1 game..

I like the whole XBLA and XO its a great different alternative on the situation which is good. You just need the time and a fast internet connection to get the XO hehe

XboxOZ3603687d ago

I have my faithful BBB (albeit a Green one - Halo) sitting UNDER my 360, so if I ever want to play older games, bam, off I go. It takes up no more shelf room than the 360 laying down and a few more cables. I can switch from one to the other while both are playing, and have the best of both worlds.

Although, a poll we ran on the site did show a number of people did still play older games on their 360, as well as the BBB.

jack who3687d ago

yes it is....maybe not to the sony fans sicne they dont have it(lolz)

ps... ms? i want midtown madnesss 3 backward ASAP

gaminoz3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Me too!! Midtown Madness!

I think there would be plenty of pissed off Sony fans who don't like that they removed backwards compatibility!

PirateThom3687d ago

I honestly don't think most people care enough to be pissed off.

Backwards compatibility is nice and everything, but it's one of those features... I dunno, if you have a game library, chances are you still have the console, if you don't have a game library then why do you need backwards compatibility?

I haven't played an XBox game on 360, I played two PS2 games on my PS3 (and haven't for ages now) and I played Melee for 10 minutes on Wii. I might as well not have backwards compatibility, since it's useless to me. The games aren't old enough to be nostalgic.

gaminoz3687d ago

@ PirateThom

You make a good point, but I like to trade in or sell on ebay old consoles when I upgrade. Plus the old things will eventually die, so I'd rather be able to play on the new one.

I agree though...most players are probably more interested in upcoming games, but some are still worthy of a go much later during slow periods. (Thief 3!!!)

PirateThom3687d ago

I sort of swing on both sides of the argument, I can see a use for backwards compatibility and it is handy to play one or two games (I'm tempted to run through God of War 1 and 2 again and try and get Blinx and Conker), but at the same time, if a console didn't have backwards compatibility it wouldn't annoy me or sway my decision.

I tend to judge consoles against the SNES. It has no backwards compatibility, so it's perfectly acceptable for any console to lack it. :P

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XboxOZ3603687d ago

well you can forget about any games become BC on the 360. As they stopped the BC dept earlier this year. No more BC games from the 1st-gen. Just what is on the listing now, that is it.

The only other avenue open is if they bring out the game via XO (xbox originals) which I doubt, as it seems they are only picking those with huge fan-bases.

SO don't get your hopes up, in fact, don't even bother thinking about it. Their main goal now is DLC and future games.

Immortal Kaim3687d ago

BC is certainly a welcome feature, its more about convenience than anything else. I personally think its a major selling point, especially for something like the PS3, as the PS2 has an amazing back catalogue of games I want to play.

XboxOZ3603687d ago

While it is a convenience, it is also a waste of resources at times on the hardware and development crew.

While BC is great, and the need to play older games exists, with the current speed of new games coming out (I have a listing of over 385 games coming to the 360 in the next 18 months, and that does NOT include Japan or US centric games . . So it would be around 400 plus titles.

With THAT many games coming, where would any normal person find the time to go back down nostalgia lane, let alone play the game of old v's the games of new. I don't disagree that it should be there, but at the same time, it should never impinge on the future advancement of the hardware. For the cost a ONE game, we can buy an earlier consol now and play ANY 1st-gen game we wish, all it takes is a small amount of room under your current 360 and bob's-your-uncle, instant BC.

gaminoz3687d ago

True...but for how long. I don't know many places with old consoles except the PS2 now, except Ebay. And eventually most consoles this gen will die...they aren't made to last like the olden' days!!!

TheColbertinator3687d ago

@Immortal Kaim

Well spoken good sir.Bubble +1

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