Destroy Your Friendships with Dokapon Kingdom

Dash Bomber writes, "Death, betrayal, backstabbing, and the destruction of every relationship you’ve ever held dear, that is Dokapon Kingdom. It is the bastard child of Monopoly and Dragon Quest developed by Sting Entertainment. A mixture of an RPG and a board game, in Dokapon Kingdom your goal is simple: become ludicrously rich while sacrificing all of your friendships. But why do you have to sacrifice your friends in order to play this? Well that’s because the game actively encourages you to pull every dirty trick in the book to win!"

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iofhua694d ago

I have this and always wanted to play it with someone. But the game is harsh and will utterly destroy you at least several times during the course of a game and my brother refused to play it with me. Same with all my friends. They would try it once or twice, decide it sucks, and then never play it with me again.

I would get aggravated when I would lose too, but I could roll with it better than the others. The others would just give up.

Too bad it's not on PC with online functionality. It would be a troll magnet for sure, but that could be fun too.