Little Big Pop Up Shop? What's that?

PS3 Fanboy writes: "What's the Little Big Pop Up Shop? Well, what do you think it is? If your instincts tell you that it must be some sort of LittleBigPlanet-themed place that suddenly popped up out of nowhere, then you'd be right. It's apparently an activity center in Manchester, England where gamers can go and try out the game's creation tools. Before hitting the digital realm though, children and adults alike put their creativity to the test first by designing Sackboys with crayon drawings.

It's a pretty cool idea -- having a LittleBigPlanet workshop in your town. Unfortunately for us, we'd have to swim across an ocean to get there. It won't be lasting too long, either; if you want to check out the shop you'd better do so now as it will close up by October 4. Head out after school with friends, or take the kids one weekend. We bet that's what that old lady in the pic is doing ... having a cup of joe while the grandkids run amok in the store. Sounds fun."

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kittoo3779d ago

And this game deserves it. its gonna be so awesome.

saello2mylilfrin3778d ago


Cajun Chicken3778d ago

The way to market a killer app for all ages and groups in the making.

AllseeingEye3778d ago

I would love to take my kids to this thing.

Cajun Chicken3778d ago

The game is developed in Britain and will no doubt become a national treasure of British gaming development, also it has Stephen Fry's voice and the cult look of UK childrens TV shows like Bagpuss and Paddington Bear. That's why.
Probably will see one in the US eventually I'm betting.

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