GCO: Pure Review "MotorWHAT?"

GCO writes: "When Disney Interactive Studios purchased Climax Development many fans didn't know what to think. Even game developer Jackson Avent dreaded a Mikey or Donald racing game, so what we're expected as fans? Well, it was more then what we had hoped for as fans of the ATV racing games. Instead of some kind of extreme kid racing game we got a game of pure amazement simply entitled, Pure. I mean really even the game title sounds cool. Disney really made something amazing because this game really does rip books on ATV games as this game ditches the standard dirt adds stunt tracks for a world of vista free fall tracks that can make you scream from the heights."

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The gaming GOD3779d ago

They just say "MotorWHAT?" with no attempts at comparing. The kind of stuff fanboy fights are made of I say

GCO Gamer3779d ago

It's just a trick that we us to attract our readers I'm sorry about not comparing the next review i will remember to do that once again sorry.

The gaming GOD3779d ago

Don't do that. You'll start fan riots around here lol. It's all good though man. Ploy or not, it worked. I mean hell, I read it right? lol

Rick Astley3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

ROFL @ the title. Trying to get hits on your little website there? You couldn't compare the two even if you tried. They're not the same. Motorstorm is about racing in huge, multi-route environments with more than just ATV's. Pure is like ATV Offroad Fury but weaker and with more unnecessary bloom effects all over the screen. Even the character models are outlined with bloom. At least you admit that your website sucks though. That screen shot in the article looks even worse than the original Motorstorm.

GCO Gamer3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Well you can really they are both the same game at the quore. I'm going to tell you something that i should really tell you this game is like the Motorstorm of ATV's it even looks as good as Motorstorm. And hold on i never said that so yeah... O yeah, and the reason we are not that good is because there's only 2 people working on the site right now, but right before gears of war 2 you better watch out. Plus they look the same to me and i played this game on the playstation 3 and 360

PoSTedUP3779d ago

motor"STORM"- the baddest, most intence and brutal off road racing game ever to hit a console in all eternity. motorSTORM- a true heart pounding experience exclusive to the ps3 with no game that can match it in its genre and totally revolutionized the way we play, and look at off road racing games. : )

"PURE"- a fun little quad game where you are in the air more that 50% of the time and mostly do tricks and is no where near motorstorm "badass" wise. XD pure can be good but dont put the two in the same sentence cause that's just ridiculous.

TheExecutive3779d ago

ok, well I guess you are going to eat your words when MS2 comes out. The 80% build that IGN got their hands on looks better than Pure's final release. MS2 will bring the goods graphically, you will see.

Ju3779d ago

GCO, don't embarrass yourself. Are you getting payed by Disney or what ? I mean, that game does not even remotely come close to MotorWHAT. Pleeaasse. (Sorry, fanboy comment, had to say it, though).

DRUDOG3779d ago

Why involve Motorstorm when you are "reviewing" the game on a 360? It's like talking smack about somebody else who wasn't even there to defend themselves. It wasn't necessary and I regret clicking the link to give you one more hit...

BTW, I played the Pure demo and it was nice, no Motorstorm (can't speak for Pacific Rift, yet) nor Motorstorm demo, but it was decent. Definitely not worth $60 for basically one vehicle compared to MS or Dirt.

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El_Colombiano3779d ago

No no no no no no no. This game has NOTHING on Motorstorm. Its just another ATV off road racer. The demo was pathetic, so much, that I had to pop in the original Motorstorm to compensate for what a horride game this is.

Masta_fro3779d ago

a way to get hits, don't pay attention to them...

For example:

Cod5 review: "GearsofWhaat??"

They're just really smart people you know... like bill gates and microsoft, and a lot of others. I bet this has nothing to do with the fact that motorstorm is exclusive and pure is multiplat...

El_Colombiano3779d ago

Yeah I see what your saying...but still Motorstorm 2 is going to make this game laughable(more so than what it already is).

Xwow20083779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

so i will not judge the game,for me i perfer to play ms2.
and for the compare between the 2 games i will wait for ign reviews better than this review from this stupid site.
( first time i see this site.

EDIT:pure ign review 8.6 now to wait for MS2 review

jwatt3779d ago

I played the demo for pure and I was actually impressed looks good and feels good but it's no Motorstorm.

El_Colombiano3779d ago

I thought there was WAY too much bloom.

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TheExecutive3779d ago

I have a feeling some people are going to be eating their words when Motorstorm releases (I am not necessarily talking about this article either).

MS2 hasnt been shown a whole lot and just like the first one it will look subpar up till release but in the end it will trump this game. 16 tracks, 4 player offline splitscreen, custom soundtracks, new vehicle classes and I will bet anyone here ANY amount of money that MS2 will kick the sh*t outta Pure's graphics when it is released.

MS1 was a good title. The gameplay and graphics were fantastic but you could tell they just straight up ran out of time/money. They spent a ton of money on R&D. However, this time around they seem to have a feature packed game with all the gameplay anyone could ever want out of an arcade racer. The GRAPHICS WILL be amazing and we all know the gameplay will rule any competitors. Add in the features and you have yourself a 9 or above on most sites.

rrodhaha3779d ago

IGN already scored pure worse then Motorstorm1


tatotiburon3779d ago

in metacritic pure is winning with 86% Motostorm is 84%

Max Power3779d ago

metacritic said that....everyone grab your Motorstorms and head to gamestop to trade them in. Fool

SlippyMadFrog3779d ago

"IGN already scored pure worse then Motorstorm1"
IGN said that....everyone grab your Pures and head to gamestop to trade them in. Fool

Covenant3779d ago

Takes some cajones to call out Motorstorm like that...can this game live up to it?

We'll see. It DOES look promising, though.