Rumor: Nintendo Autumn conference this October

A Japanese website has posted that Nintendo has penciled in a conference for this October. Although this information has yet to be confirmed, especially since there is no "true" source behind the posting, there is a pretty high possibility that the information can be correct...

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Zyklon-Breath3683d ago

Let me guess what they would reveal in this conference if it took place.

Hmmm...Wii Frisbee?

I just wish they'd reveal a new F-Zero already...

chanmasta3683d ago

... this is the storage solution, because:

1) I've only got about 500 blocks left and i've yet to buy a couple more WiiWare & VC games.

2) I want DLC for The Conduit!!!!

and 3) So it will shut up all the people complaining. :D

I mean number 3 in a good way.

ChickeyCantor3683d ago

500 Blocks.
thats like lots of 1.

I hope its the conference for the bigger titles so these "they abandonded the pixie core dust crowd" will STFU already.

3 bubbles? i lost one recently.
They took away my beybe.
Have a bubble xD.

TruthbeTold3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

I like you man. I like all of my fellow Nintendo fans. But just because you happen to be satisfied doesn't mean that everyone has to be. Especially since gamers crave more "core" type games than ever and Nintendo is in a poorly planned rut. The only way to be heard is to say what's on your mind. Let things slide, and it will happen again and again.

Such comments aren't targeted at you, so don't read them if it bugs you. If people are disgruntled because they feel that enough games aren't being made for them, you have no chance of changing how they feel by trying to project your personal contentment onto them or by insulting them. Suggesting that people need to "STFU" in such a situation is just inflammatory, presumptuous and a bit arrogant.

In any case, bubbles to you. You're a good poster here at N4G and its a shame that you lose bubbles just for defending Nintendo.

ChickeyCantor3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Look you are, like many others, getting me wrong.
I have many problems with Nintendo, Problems i hate them for.
There is enough hate already going on, that i just don't talk about the negative things. I'm not satisified with Nintendo's ways of doing at all, there is so much room for improvements especially when we talk about a company that is one of the best software developers, in terms of design. But people pretend this is something NEW. Nintendo has always been like this. And I do believe the games "core" gamers are crying for will be delivered.

Honestly I actually the type that let people be and think what they want, but once they start saying illogical stuff, i go against it.
It's not in defense of Nintendo rather that i don't agree with them.

The reason i start insulting is because its the same crap over and over again, its sickening the Wii boards.
If you hate Nintendo explain it with rational thoughts and don't jump on a bandwagon full of hatred.

The thing i Don't agree with is the logic behind their hatred.
That basically all.

Might i add:
Wii-Music, Remember Miyamoto comming on stage? conducting an digital orchestra full of miis?
After that nothing about Wii-music at all. Wii-musics launche date is nearing and just recently we have some footage after so long.

My point is that, all Nintendo titles will have this fate from now on.
You won't hear anything about it untill its almost done.
Look at Disaster: Day of crisis pushed back 2/3 times! and just recently we heard more about it and seen some footage.
I just whished these "core" gamers would consider this in their opinion. Because its annoying to read the whole "end of gaming is near" because of Wii-fit.
just my 7 cents

chanmasta3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

... thanks for the bubble. Everytime i'm allowed to give you a new bubble i do, as Truthbetold said, you are a fantastic poster here!

As I said in a comment in another article about a week ago, Dear Santa, I would like a 3D, co-op, character-changing in the middle of the game, with a good story Mario & Luigi adventure game...

I actually really think that Nintendo are working on New New Super Mario Bros for WiiWare. If so, I will faint, get back up and download it, faint again and wake up when it's FINALLY downloaded off the super fast Wii Shop Channel.

(Yes I was being sarcastic about the Wii Shop Channel)

"They took away my beybe."

N4g_null3682d ago

chanmasta have a bubble man. We have to keep you guys alive lol. Other wise there is no one to talk to or discus the finer things about gaming. LOL yep nintendo does suck some times but so far every one has in away so it all even out depending what type of problems you have.

It would be cool to get the storage solution but it's best to let nintendo do it's thing. If it worked then it works, if they made some thing for me then cool. I stopped demanding stuff from them after the snes cdrom and that was a mess LOL. Things work out a lot better that way. I hate when stuff is demanded of me some times because I already operate off my own ego LOL. Demanding stuff will just get you ignored.

The conference though it would be cool and it makes sense. Yet if it didn't happen I would be fine. I know whats coming out like most hardcore should.

Mario Paint Wii would be sweet though! What if they actualy gave a side scroller kit to make a side scroller with mario paint! Talk about user created content! Mario paint should use the motion+ also!
F-zero And Track editor like the 64DD yet make it uploadable to a web site like blast works! And have it come with the storage solution!
I would also like a 3d modeling program and a nintendo voxel version of z brush just to show off! That would be cool and hardcore. You could even make stuff for you Mii with voxels and primitives!

Hey but we will see if they even have the conference.

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nice_cuppa3683d ago

and that there are hardcore games coming in 2009 !

Product3683d ago

They need to announce something there....
Storage solution(i just DL'ed Megaman 2 and i have less then 80 blocks left.)
Something,give us something besides Animal Crossing.

ChickeyCantor3683d ago

F-zero And Track editor!!! that would be enough for the next 2 years. xD

TheColbertinator3683d ago

I expect good things from Nintendo next year.A StarFox game and a Kid Icarus game would get Nintendo the attention of the hardcore

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