GameSpy: Warhammer Online Preview

GameSpy writes: "When it comes to launching a massively multiplayer online game, there are "good problems" to have and there are "bad problems." Poor server stability is a bad problem. If there's lots of bugged content, holes in the gameplay experience or gameplay systems that don't work, that's also a bad problem. Players arguing about class balance and server populations, screaming about different rule sets, and declaring endless vendettas against rival guilds... those are good problems. When the oft-delayed and highly anticipated MMO based on Games Workshop's beloved table-top strategy game, Warhammer, began its "Head Start" program for Collector's Edition players on September 15, this marked the end of the beta program and the first moments of "real gameplay." GameSpy, of course, jumped into Warhammer Online feet-first, swinging a sword and yelling with bloodlust. What we've found so far has been pretty extraordinary -- a game replete with "good problems.'"

+Seems pretty stable and bug-free
+Loads of fun classes

-Still lots of balance work that needs to be done

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