EA Remains UK's Number One Publisher

New data revealed by British trade organization ELSPA and Chart-Track has shown that Electronic Arts was yet again the best performing video game publisher in the UK during 2006, in terms of both revenues and units sold.

Data compiled by Chart-Track shows that, in revenue terms, sales of Electronic Arts titles accounted for 19.8 percent of all video game sales in 2006, down only slightly from 20.1 percent of all sales in 2005, and notably ahead of its next rival, THQ, at 7.9%.

EA's dominance was particularly obvious in the charts around Christmas in the UK, when stalwart franchises such as FIFA for soccer, Need For Speed and The Sims helped the publisher gain multiple spots clustered near the top of the chart each week.

The other top ten publishers were largely unchanged from the previous year, with the most significant change being Activision's fall from second place to number eight. As previously mentioned, THQ moved up to take second place, and SCi-owned Eidos Interactive was the only British publisher represented in the revenue list, with the company failing to register at all in terms of units sold.

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