GameSpot: Wrath of the Lich King Updated Hands-On

Logging into The Wrath of the Lich King feels just like logging into normal World of Warcraft. Things don't start to get a little bit different until you travel to a major city for, what else? A shave and a haircut. When you see the red and white barber's pole, you'll think "Why not it's time for a change!" So you'll sit down in the barber's chair to flip through hairstyles, hair colors, and facial-hair dos just like you would in the character-creation screen; except that this time, your new look will cost at least a dozen gold.

Now, before GameSpot gos any further, they must warn you that this preview may contain spoilers on the expansion's new content. Also, please note that their impressions are based on an unfinished beta version of the game, so all information here, haircut-related and otherwise, is subject to change.

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