Criticized yet adored – games that lost to the critics but won the hearts of gamers

Gamepressure: You know that feeling when your favorite game is getting panned by critics? So do we; that's why we've prepared a list of games that – despite mediocre reviews at launch – are adored today.

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Errorist762475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

The Saboteur is another one. Ok reviews, great game.


The Funniest Games on the PS4

Feeling sad and on the verge of splurging on unnecessary stuff? Drop that credit card, amigo and come read about the funniest PS4 games!

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P_Bomb47d ago

I see Deadpool made the list. Also saw it in stock at the local game store. Second hand. Might finally pick up a copy.


Postal 2 Celebrates 20 Years Of Mayhem

20 years of nayhem. POSTAL 2, the notorious first-person shooter from Running With Scissors with over 5 million units sold, a Supreme Court victory, a crazy memorable Uwe Boll film adaptation, and a Guinness World Record for “Most Critically-Divisive Video Game,” celebrates 20 years of excellence with a Free Anniversary edition.

mastershredder163d ago

Running with scissors celebrating 20 years of studio decline. Their years of development experience equates to a skilled 13 year old with unity.

The best you guys ever did was at Gary Coleman’s expense.

Garethvk163d ago

Ask me about the original Postal 3 storyline.


Midnight Suns’ Deadpool DLC Makes a Strong Case for a Second Nolan North Deadpool Game

Nolan North reprises his role as Deadpool for Marvel's Midnight Suns DLC, and he should reprise it for another Deadpool-centric game next.

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ZeekQuattro238d ago

I still plan on getting this game at some point. Just waiting for a price drop.

Lighter9238d ago

I couldn't finish it. You walk around and talk for most of the game. There's SOME fighting involved. Pretty boring to me.

Inverno238d ago

Just not from Activision, or Square.

Godmars290237d ago

Always thought Nolan North as a VA made a strong case for another Deadpool game. Just needs a good story to go along with great gameplay.

jznrpg237d ago

Games that have DLC shortly after the game comes out don’t interest me much