Criticized yet adored – games that lost to the critics but won the hearts of gamers

Gamepressure: You know that feeling when your favorite game is getting panned by critics? So do we; that's why we've prepared a list of games that – despite mediocre reviews at launch – are adored today.

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Errorist762742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

The Saboteur is another one. Ok reviews, great game.


Five Games That Hit Just as Hard and Fast as Palworld

Palworld is already a monstrous successs, but it's not the only game to suddenly blow up . Here are five other fairly recent games that did the same.

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The Funniest Games on the PS4

Feeling sad and on the verge of splurging on unnecessary stuff? Drop that credit card, amigo and come read about the funniest PS4 games!

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P_Bomb314d ago

I see Deadpool made the list. Also saw it in stock at the local game store. Second hand. Might finally pick up a copy.


Postal 2 Celebrates 20 Years Of Mayhem

20 years of nayhem. POSTAL 2, the notorious first-person shooter from Running With Scissors with over 5 million units sold, a Supreme Court victory, a crazy memorable Uwe Boll film adaptation, and a Guinness World Record for “Most Critically-Divisive Video Game,” celebrates 20 years of excellence with a Free Anniversary edition.

mastershredder431d ago

Running with scissors celebrating 20 years of studio decline. Their years of development experience equates to a skilled 13 year old with unity.

The best you guys ever did was at Gary Coleman’s expense.

Garethvk430d ago

Ask me about the original Postal 3 storyline.