GameSpy: Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen Review

GameSpy writes: "Even though Dragon Quest IV has seen several remakes over the years, it still manages to stand the test of time. Combining tried-and-tested gameplay with an endearing and captivating storyline, it's become a classic experience. Though we noticed a few blemishes in its otherwise glossy exterior, the slick presentation and upgrades integrated into this new release for the Nintendo DS make it clear why this is one of the most celebrated RPG franchises.

Dragon Quest IV weaves a grand and complex tale including political intrigue, vengeance, and some good old-fashioned adventuring. The story chronicles the exploits of a "chosen one" in a coming-of-age affair where he alone can put a stop to the evil in the world. Even though the narrative maintains a light tone to cater to younger audiences, it deals with some fairly grim subject matter. For example, you'll encounter monsters kidnapping children in order to kill them to keep the aforementioned prophecy from coming to fruition. On your journey you'll see cities razed to ashes, and murders that must be avenged, providing enough conflict and substance to appeal to older audiences. There are certainly some bottlenecks in the narrative's pacing, but for the most part, it does a great job of entertaining."

+Stellar presentation
+Light and fun story
+Tried-and-tested gameplay

-Very repetitive
-The amount of level grinding may be too much for some

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