Sony Releases PS4 Ultimate Holiday Bundle & Additional 5-in-1 Multi-Game Pack

Following the news earlier in the week that Sony was to release a number of China-exclusive PS4 bundles, a number of retailers have now begun stocking the new PS4 Ultimate Holiday Bundle.

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Kashima2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

5 of best Sony games in 1 bundle thats awesome!

C-H-E-F2673d ago

and this is when being an early adopter to games bite you in the ass everytime. SMH

red2tango2673d ago

It's for Hong Kong so you're not missing out.


You know that if you are an early adopter you played those games years ago don't you?

YAO-BLING2673d ago

Sony appreciates you sir

Pennywise1382673d ago

I don't mind paying to play them first but when Im an early adopter and the game sits in my backlog until the ultimate everything edition is marked down to 10 bucks before I even play it is when I start to get bummed out.

C-H-E-F2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )


I fall victim to that all of the time, it's annoying for example i bought deus ex only for it to be 19.99 now at Amazon lOl. The game just came out man :(

But yeah I agree with you all, price - wait ratio is outweighed by getting the games release day opposed to waiting 2 years for a price drop, but still just seeing games on a sale like this makes me cringe as an early adopter. Even after seeing this it won't stop me haha, but it just kind of sucks to always be "first" for games being released then the people who just bought the system get the super ultimate extended developer always wanted to make this version the perfect game edition for 30 bucks less than what you paid for the standard I have to drop another 60 to get the full game experience edition lOl.

Christopher2672d ago

@C-H-E-F: Some games it is annoying, but games like Deus Ex, I'm happy to pay full price for them and enjoy them day 1.

CorndogBurglar2672d ago

Not really. You had the pleasure of playing those games well over a year ago at this point.

Pantz2672d ago

Already got these games cheaper during sales this holiday. $22.26 for gravity rush and $10.66 each for the other 4.

KillBill2672d ago

@Pennywise - who's fault is that? Why would you buy a single player game if you aren't going to play it until a year down the line? Try making better decisions in your life maybe?

bouzebbal2672d ago

This bundle shows that Sony's DNA is about the variety

Artemidorus2672d ago

Days of me being an early adopter are over.

rezzah2672d ago

At least u get the time to finish them and be up to date with more current games.

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turab2673d ago

Amazon also slashed 50% of some games. I think they are preparing for the release of some bundles as well.

IamTylerDurden12673d ago

Bloodborne is The Old Hunters Edition. That's a $20 DLC by itself.

XanderZane2673d ago

Excellent deal for anyone getting a PS4 for the first time. For anyone who have had a PS4 since lanch, they will probably already have most of those games. I wish Nintendo would do bundles like these with their 1st party games. I know, I'm dreaming. lol!!

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FallenAngel19842673d ago

Are these packages in North America

81BX2673d ago

Not yet. Says Hong Kong... there has to be a word other than "deal". This is beyond that. Amazing price point for what you get

Aloy-Boyfriend2673d ago

It would be cool if they do this every holiday