Game Revolution: Rock Band 2 Review

Game Revolution writes: "Usually, I try to write a witty intro, a follow-the-joke personal anecdote, an insightful comment on the industry at large, or an off-tangent "What does this have to with anything?" observation that somehow resolves itself by the last paragraph. It's all to set a light-hearted mood for you before my eventual bloody, sadistic, unrelenting diatribe on… what game is this again? But this time, I don't have to do any of that. Rock Band 2 is just that awesome.

When I heard that Harmonix saw Rock Band as the game where they would innovate and Rock Band 2 as the game where they would refine, they weren't kidding. For better or worse, much of how Rock Band works - how you strum the guitar/hit the drums/sing into the mic to the scrolling capsules/lines on screen, how you gain up to a 4x multiplier (6x for bass) by nailing thirty notes in a row, how overdrive is activated by tilting the guitar upright, how overdrive stacks if it's activated my multiple people at the same time - hasn't changed."

+ Online World Tour
+ Better peripherals
+ Better interfaces
+ Better song list
- Detached vocalist
- No detailed stats

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