Gamedaily: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Review

Gamedaily writes: "The new action-packed Star Wars game promises to "unleash" a new take on events in that galaxy far, far away. In many ways it does. The story, equal parts epic and cheeseball, nicely bridges the gap between the Episode III and Episode IV films and gives us control over the Force that we thought was reserved only for Yoda and that decrepit Emperor.

In other ways it doesn't. The Force Unleashed works hard to supply a more cinematic experience. Up-and-coming actor Sam Witwer, who lends his voice and likeness to the Apprentice, delivers a command performance, but hackneyed game mechanics and buggy hiccups – characters getting stuck on walls, weird camera angles and in-game cinematics that cut out abruptly – keep the fantasy from being realized."

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