Revisiting: 'Prince of Persia: Sands of Time' (2003)

ScreenCritics turn back the sands of time and return to the early 2000's - where Ubisoft rebooted the Prince of Persia franchise. Is it worth your time?

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strayanalog1643d ago

Definitely a great game worth anyone's time. I remember picking it up way back in 2003 and being blown away by the gameplay. I've been meaning to revisit this gem for a few months now and maybe this is a sign I should.

I highly recommend the game for those who haven't played it.

LucasRuinedChildhood1643d ago

This game absolutely blew me away when I first played it. Perfect controls, amazing story, art and atmosphere. It's easily in my Top 5 games that I've ever played. These sorts of games (focusing on acrobatics and wall traversal) are my favorite type of platformers (Jak & Daxter was awesome as well).

They really need to make another one. I actually enjoyed Forgotten Sands and PoP 2008 quite a bit.

clevernickname1643d ago

My only complaint about this game is that combat often got repetitive. You could endlessly repeat parry, sand retrieve (if memory serves) to beat just about every enemy. But perfect story, graphics (for the time), level variety and layout, difficulty, and voice acting. Superb all around game.

Perjoss1643d ago

They just dont make parkour games of this quality anymore, now you just push forward and press jump sometimes, no timimg required and no need to string 3 or 4 cool moves together to reach your goal. In Sands of Time when you completed a room or area it was really satisfying. 3D platforming these days is pratically a bunch or quicktime events stringed together, no skill involved.

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