NZGamer: LEGO Batman: The Videogame Preview

NZGamer writes: "While it might sound like licensing hell to an outsider (it's likely that it was the subject of more than a few tense meetings), the idea of combining two huge licenses into a single video game was not a stupid one. Appealing to fans of both Lego and Star Wars, a combination already proven by the Star Wars Lego kits available in toy stores, Lego Star Wars was a smash hit as a video game.

That the franchise went on to spawn a second Star Wars themed game and the recent Lego Indiana Jones would have surprised no industry commentators - this franchise prints money, while being universally recognized as not having cost much to develop (the game could be described as basic in all departments without raising many eyebrows)."

The Good: Lego + Batman, how can they possibly mess it up?

The Bad: It looks like they're well on track to messing it up

The Ugly: We're not sure just how much will change before release

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