Nintendo Switch VR Will Suck

Virtual Reality has been out in public demand for quite sometime from the likes of Oculus Rift and Sony's PlayStation VR. Nintendo seems to be the next runner up to tackle Virtual Reality, but the question asks, will it be any good?

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GtR35olution766d ago

Shouldnt the VR in that headline be omitted?

wonderfulmonkeyman765d ago

The words suck and VR should both be removed / replaced.
Actually, I take that back; this article's flamebaiting could not be more obvious, so the whole article should be removed.

FreeSpeech69764d ago

It's actually to Nintendo's benefit to get this negative news. Switch needs to have expectations lowered a lot.

Apocalypse Shadow766d ago

Good thing gamers try things before they judge them or we'd have articles like this made. Oh wait... Some haven't learned that yet.

TheColbertinator765d ago

VR? When did Nintendo say anything about Switch VR?

Anyone see what trash articles are written when people are bored?

wonderfulmonkeyman765d ago

It's just like I said; the closer we get to the launch of Nintendo's new home console, AKA Switch, the more articles we will see trying to bash it using any and all available materials, confirmed or rumored.

TheColbertinator765d ago

Nintendo will answer the questions themselves on Switch.

The gaming media are just tossing dice to see who gets the closest guesses. Most are wrong however just like the Neo and Scorpio rumors that went around.

R00bot765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

The VR patent is hardly a confirmation, it just tells us that they have considered it.

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