CD Projekt RED Gets $7 Million from Polish Government To Research Seamless Multiplayer,City Creation

CD Projekt RED got the biggest cut ($7 million) of the Polish government's GameINN funding program for game developers, to research aspects like Seamless Multiplayer, City Creation, Animation Excellence and Cinematic Feel, presumably for Cyberpunk 2077.

Many other major Polish studios also received grants, including Flying Wild Hog, Techland, CI Games, Bloober Team, and The Farm 51.

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IndominusRex1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

No its not. That money could of went to social programs such as health or education... What a joke.

This company made millions from witcher. They don't need it.

Im fine with governments funding research projects, such as clean energy for example. But funding multiplayer research is ridiculous.

@Neco Why are you bringing gender into this? Btw i only believe in 2 genders. Man and Woman.

Vengeance11381540d ago

No it couldn't have, this money is specifically for developers, hence the name of the program. This is very good news indeed. Take off the SJW hat eh

1540d ago
Rimeskeem1540d ago

This is a block grant and not shared revenue therefore it can only be spent on a specific area of interest, in this case developers to research a certain topic.

jer11221540d ago

You people are idiots man they give out these grants so that people stay in jobs or else a lot of times the companies will just move elsewhere where they can get grants. So CD projekt Red could move their Studio somewhere else and then poland wouldn't get any of the revenue tax which is probably pretty good since CD projekt Red is making good money. They try to incentivize people to stay and pay taxes and keep jobs in their country. I wish people would learn about business 101 and how your taxes and grants work before you just say stupid stuff.

Alexious1540d ago

What does this even mean? The governments assigns budgets on health, education...And research, including game development in this case.

PeaSFor1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

they should research in GOOD GAMEPLAY, because lets be honest, Witcher3 combat gameplay was straight up garbage material.

NecoTehSergal1540d ago

Spot the Social Justice Warrior.

Don't try to hide it, you'd want the government to send money to fuel Gender Studies and other 'Social Programs' that are completely useless except for Liberals :^)

BizarroUltraman1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Ive never been to Poland, but most of what I seen online and have read of it. Seems like a very laid back country and beautiful!

Yes money couldve been used for something else. But its allocated money, which probably means they have a budget for roads, etc.

Just like here in the states. You have a budget and from that you have to spread it out to different agency/departments. Sometimes, a few might not get a grant.

Fix a few schools and a bridge. Might have to wait til next yr for roads. My examples arent the best, but I know you know what I mean..haha

So they're paying the developers to keep them in Poland. Lol.... best comment, hands down.

Kurdishcurse1540d ago

its fine to use some funds for these purposes. especially since the results of this research might benefit things other than gaming. simulations and better algorythms and such. might be hopeful of me to assume that, but i woundnt go about disregarding the whole thing as useless if i were u. true, this money wouldve benefited a small amount of people for a short amount of time, but i like to hope that this money might help with computer related subjects.

DigitallyAfflicted1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Poland already has a good free health care.

Game developing in Poland is a growing industry that's why it needs small injection of cash and I'm sure it will return in taxes.

DiscoMan1540d ago

"Why are you bringing gender into this? Btw i only believe in 2 genders. Man and Woman."


Bahamut1540d ago

Go cry alone somewhere, nobody cares about your opinion.

Goldby1540d ago


Do u even k ow the history of CD Projekt Red? And how important they are to not only to Poland but gaming in general?

Glemt1540d ago


Could of went? Could have gone. Could've gone. You're making a good argument for education there to be honest : P

frostypants1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

@IndominusRex, I agree with you man. I mean, sure...yay games. But a government dumping millions into what amounts to entertainment research? That just seems weird. Surely Poland has something more impactful to spend resources on. A lot of people are letting there personal preferences get in the way of adult thinking.

AnubisG1540d ago

IndominusRex has a point but it's also true if you invest in a certain industry (here video games) than it can create jobs in the future. So that's a good thing, however there is this quote from Shin-Zantetsuken: "Not all of the money needs to be spent on healthcare." True, but it should be spent as long as we have nasty diseases that we can't cure like cancer, aids, depression, auto-immune illnesses, etc. Until we live in a world where these all can be cured, NOT treated (which is a word doctors love to use) but CURED. Than we should spend money on video game developers as a government. But than again, the Polish government puts money in this project and what will it get in return? It will be stolen as soon as possible and other people will make money off from it. We have this problem in Hungary where university graduates like doctors and such as soon as finish their schooling they leave Hungary and other nations benefit from their education.

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Phunkydiabetic11540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

No it's not hahahaha. That money could've been used for social services like health, public transportation, ANYTHING other than fucking videogames.

This is ridiculous. I'm sure all those families struggling for meals will be happy to know that a company that made MILLIONS in profit from the Witcher series is getting money from the government for some nerd shit.

Let me guess, you're American...

IndominusRex1540d ago

Agreed. Video games are not priorities.

Phunkydiabetic11540d ago

Look at the neckbearded downvotes already coming in. No matter which way you cut it this is full on corporate welfare when a company doesn't even NEED the money. But hey, these fuckin nerds need another videogame from cdprojekt red (man that name is so stupid).

PeaSFor1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Couldnt agree more(sure it may trigger some peoples since were on N4G... but whatever)

letsgopal1540d ago

Socialism alert. That's not your money to decide what to do with them.

TacoTaru1540d ago

Give a man a fish vs teach a man to fish. Unfortunately the social programs only give a fish while this grant actually provides money to grow where jobs can be produced.

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bmf73641540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Poland is taking pride over their gaming industry. They sent Obama a collector's edition of Witcher 2 as an token of Polish culture.

Poland promoting a media industry within their country is the country's investment in its own economy that will in turn give back. Especially with CD Projekt Red being the biggest name of all the studios.

-Foxtrot1541d ago

Multiplayer? Oh my...

Can't they just fund more of their single player stuff, that's what they are good at.

Grap1541d ago

As long as they keep their quality for storytelling , no worries

Gitgud1541d ago

if they can manage both, why not?

KwietStorm_BLM1540d ago

It's almost 2017 and some people still think multiplayer will give them a terminal illness.

TheOptimist1540d ago

TBH they have mastered single player story telling

vulsker1540d ago

I absolutely agree with you! Let them try something new.

_-EDMIX-_1540d ago

Yes this is very worrisome, it's not to say that I dislike multiplayer simply that this team has no history of even doing such a thing in regards to competitive.


Just want them making a single player focused RPG.

Phunkydiabetic11540d ago

If developers followed everything that videogame nerds demanded and whined about this industry would be a shit hole. They know what's up, I'm cool with experimentation.

SnotyTheRocket1540d ago

Yes because you would know what they're good at? I suppose Naughty Dog should've stuck with crash bandicoot, because they obviously weren't good enough for uncharted, jak and last of us. Oh wait.....

Movefasta19931540d ago

This this and more this, gamers don't know what they want. Devs try something different and they get hate,stick with the same old they get hate...

WellyUK1540d ago

How do you know they don't go make an extremely good MP game? I know it's hard for the SP obsessed to deal with but I'm down for CD Projekt red to try a MP game, we all know how good they are at SP so lets see them try MP even it is added on to a SP game.

_-EDMIX-_1540d ago



We know they're capable of creating a single player game there are lots of teams that are great at that but I'd rather they actually focus on the concept of the purpose of the actual property.

Multiplayer concept is something that is extremely difficult even for teams that only create multiplayer titles.....

They're simply adding a multiplayer component to appease certain Gamers that purchase the concept to get more sales, it's no different than when you see multiplayer games adding garbage single player modes just add a bullet point on their game.

Besides Watch Dogs has already done the seamless multiplayer thing. Try or copy?

SlightlyRetarted1540d ago

Seamless Multiplayer AND City Creation, Animation Excellence and Cinematic Feel.

Do you get a hard on from going every thread you can find, as early as you can and making up some negative aspect of it and then twisting it so that every fool that didn't read the article will think that is what it said and upvote you?

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KaiPow1541d ago

Guess that's a nice little clue to their upcoming Cyberpunk adventure.

Chris_Wray1541d ago

Not a bad little bump of cash, probably a real considerable amount for a Polish studio as well. They're not short of cash but I always imagine their budgetary constraints are a lot tighter than equivalent US or western Europe studios.

ThatGuyDart1541d ago

Love CD Projekt Red and that is awesome. When your game development skills are so boss you get backed by the government lol.

They 1000% deserve it!

jmc88881541d ago

It's not because of their skills, it's because of the ideology that gov't and/or the average Joe gives welfare money to rich corporations. It's all over the world.

I'm sure CD Projekt RED wouldn't oppose free money, but the cronyism is strong when the gov't does crap like this.

Diffraction_Fos1540d ago

I'm going to assume you'd probably love it if the government raised the minimum wage by a cool 200%? Make those greedy, filthy rich bastards pay the people what they owed them, right?

ShaunCameron1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

CD Projekt RED isn't rich, though.

@ Diffraction_Fos

Isn't that what is practiced in Venezuela? Something along those lines?

vulsker1540d ago

Or the fact that Poland sees The Witcher franchise almost like its baby. For God's sake, the Prime Minister gave a copy of the 2nd game to the US president as a gift! And its talked about in foreign conversations between the US and Poland.

sullynathan1540d ago

Tesla gets lots of money from the government too but it's not from skill.