Why Microsoft's XBOX 360 Will NOT Outsell Nintendo's Wii retaliates against an article by writer Bruce Everiss, which many found to be simply ridiculous. SlapStic provides a different perspective on the topic with this article.

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DavidMacDougall5301d ago (Edited 5301d ago )

Nintendo's Wii is the Chuck Norris of consoles , Ps3 is Jack Bauer and the 360 is droopy dog


RKRigney5301d ago

look on the front page, buddy. the NUMBER ONE ARTICLE.

Breakfast5301d ago

Bruceongames > Breakfast

SCThor5301d ago

Bubbles for the good laugh!!

droopy dog!!....that's priceless.

sumfood4u5301d ago

Wii is like a Nasty Stalking Ex~girlfriend. They Exist you know there there but U wanna try shopping round for better Quality. Wii is fun but it seriously lacks Gaming Space. IDK what Eggplant Pasta Face disagrees with me for being mad at the Wii for its lack of space. Thats the only drawback I see it having. Id gladly buy more virtual an Wiiware if space allowed me to download it. Load, erase, reload erase is ridicules an total waste of gammers time. If I wanted to erase load erase load Id buy 12pack mechenical pencils. That's all I'm saying.

Sitdown5301d ago

"Nintendo's Wii is the Chuck Norris of consoles , Ps3 is Jack Bauer and the 360 is droopy dog" I am not sure if those are compliments or complaints........depending on what system you love, you can run either way with those comparisons.

DavidMacDougall5301d ago

Yeah it could but i like Jackie Boy and nothing right now could stop the Wii (Apart from a roundhouse kick from the man himself)

Sitdown5301d ago

that some people equate Jack Bauer to Chuck Norris?.....I just read that.

NowGen5300d ago

the wii's game library is the droopy dog, and the 360's is king kong compared to the wii's line up of games for fat asses, grandmas and my little brother and sister.

marionz5300d ago

who cares if it outsells the wii or not, wii is a toy and 360 is a propper console so theres no point compareing.

if you want to play lame games like smarty pants or all the other sad wii games go for it, but theres far better games both graphically and gameplay wise on XBLA,plus all the real retail games.

two totally different products, the wii might sell more but its no compitition.

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SteveBallmer SonyRep5301d ago (Edited 5301d ago )

Yes i was there for its birth believe me its crap

Edit [email protected] - Good Boy

Montrealien5301d ago (Edited 5301d ago )

@SteveBallmer SonyRep

If you have multiple accounts and thrive on being anonymous because of your lack of balls, call me a good boy.

SteveBallmer SonyRep5301d ago (Edited 5301d ago )

I seen what you did there you waited for the 30min edit thingy to be used up then changed your comment very good *Clap Clap*

But i was calling you a good boy because your a b!tch nothing else really

EDIT...... LOL i got a reply in secs seems im the one who "Touched a nerve?" with you boy

EDIT --- "And deep down, you know it." LOL what the f^^k you think this is your coming out party HAHAHA

"just proved you are a hypocrite. " Been called worse cant say im going to lose sleep , you done im bored of you ?

Montrealien5301d ago (Edited 5301d ago )

lol, Touched a nerve? I was calling you an anonymous multi account troll with no balls because you, are the real b*tch. And deep down, you know it.

Montrealien5301d ago (Edited 5301d ago )

Nope, just in queue for BG's and have nothing else to do. And you just proved you are a hypocrite.

DanB915301d ago (Edited 5301d ago )

Montrealien, give it up. Face it, N4G is a site for trolls. Telling a troll to stop being a troll on this site is like telling a bear to leave it's cave, not gonna happen.

I'm just here because I see trolls fighting as a form of comedy. And you have to admit, some of people are pretty creative with their posts.

Montrealien5301d ago (Edited 5301d ago )

meh, see it however you want to, I respect that. All I ask is that you respect my hate for them, and I'll always do my best to break through to them. ;D

cahill5301d ago

as sim-ple as that

It will only sell some units in Europe and completely die in Japan and europe

Pain5300d ago

1 -
Its a pile of sh!t

oh mon closet Xbot fanboy to the end eh? just Come out already your worse then a "Mr. garison' I'm not Gay!!!" just a lezbo trapped in a man's body. mentality.

Xbox 2 is just going to Suck this Xmass , Gears and fable dont stand a chance . but u kids are worse the crack heads with your Delusions.

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GOTY 20075301d ago

No one thinks so...but everyone knows it's going to outsell the last place PS3rd.


oh, yes it is.

RKRigney5301d ago

ha that's not even slightly creative but it's true.

DavidMacDougall5301d ago (Edited 5301d ago )

Your answering your own questions now?

The ps3 is really gettin to you boy

Just listen to the voices in your stupid backwards head and buy one while your waiting for your 360 to be returned from RROD heaven


"haha god I love fanboys... so entertaining with their ignorance... "

His answer to a xbot about how the ps3 is going to be last place even tho is selling better than the 360

"ha that's not even slightly creative but it's true. "


RKRigney5301d ago

haha god I love fanboys... so entertaining with their ignorance...

GOTY 20075301d ago

O's going to outsell the PS3rd. Wait and see(This holiday season also). And its still got a huge 5.5 million lead as it is LMAO.

Poor little insignificant PS3rd

SteveBallmer SonyRep5301d ago

I wana thank Jesus for xbots and there simple little minds and lack of bubbles who cant see the writing on the wall

RKRigney5301d ago

ha yeah he only has two bubbles. what a sucker. harass him, everyone!

Rick Astley5301d ago (Edited 5301d ago )

That's what they were saying last year and the PS3 outsold the 360 by over million units, even without having any big exclusives and being the more expensive product. If Halo didn't help Microsoft outsell the PS3 last year then what makes you think they'll do it this year? The price cut is hardly helping. The PS3 has been outselling the 360 worldwide for months now. America isn't the only country you know.

GOTY 2007. The fact that you brought up the PS3 here in this 360 vs Wii article only proves how much of a sad loser you truly are. Wrap a donkey's penis around your neck. We all know 360 supporters are sick homos that are into animal sex.

DavidMacDougall5301d ago

Couldn't agree more only thing you have said that is of any interest to me

LastPlace-tation 3rd5301d ago (Edited 5301d ago )

hahaha look at Nasim talking to himself through 4 different seperate accounts. hahahahahhaha

Stupid, stupid Nasim.

Mind your own buisness Nasim, if he feels like stating the obvious about the failure PS3rd...then he can do that.

We all know the truth....PS3rd is the big bad king baby!!!

PS3rd 4 EVA!!!


Poor crappy little hand-me-down Blu ray player PS3rd hahahahaa

HAHAHAHHAA Look at Nasim trying to pretend its not him by talking to himself below.


What a wacko. LMFAO Nasim Nasim

Rick Astley5301d ago (Edited 5301d ago )

Are you retarded?

I think he's losing it, you guys. Nasim must have raped his mom.

SteveBallmer SonyRep5301d ago (Edited 5301d ago )

Thats abit strong Astley hes just a kid

RKRigney5301d ago

he sais nasim not nazis. Jesus Christ don't misquote the guy like that.

SteveBallmer SonyRep5301d ago

Im gettin old need my glasses and shut your f**king mouth

KBDuB5301d ago

Nasim wouldn't even know where to begin to please a women..

Hell, he wouldn't even know where to begin, to begin to please a women. Lol.

SteveBallmer SonyRep5301d ago (Edited 5301d ago )

Who is Nasim?

And how does he kick your arse without even being here ?

ZombieNinjaPanda5301d ago

Hey If you guys noticed, the topic is about the 360 and wii not the ps3, if you mind staying on topic?

And of course it won't outsell it, the wii is much too popular with the casual crowd, which im sure outnumbers the hardcore. Nothing can outsell the wii. It had nothing to do with the console wars, wii is one giant fad.

cahill5301d ago

despite launching a year and a half after x360 in europe it overtook it and has a 2m advantage

PS3 will overtake x360 in WW sales by the end of this year

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Aclay5301d ago

If the Xbox 360 wasn't outselling the PS3 this year every month in the U.S. at the $279 price point by at least 2:1, there's no way they would catch up to the Wii.

At the $279 price point, the Xbox 360 sold around the 200,000 mark or a little over the 200,000 mark ever month in the U.S. this year but really I think it should have been selling around the 300,000 mark with a price point that low.

The Xbox 360 would have to be selling VERY strong in ALL 3 territories in order to catch the Wii, but the 360 pretty much only has America and the 360 catching the Wii just isn't happening.... I don't know what the heck that Bruce On Games guy is smoking.

PimpHandStrong5301d ago

bruce was thinking he could get some of that MS money


he is just a foolish dude with a serious bias

who cares anyway

That fact that i know of bruceongames is almost grounds to delete N4G from my mind

RKRigney5301d ago

ha yeah he wasn't very knowledgeable about the subject for a man who claimed to know so much about it...

xhairs95300d ago

He write the most bogus flame-bait articles once a month and people still approve it. The sad part is he has to suggest his article by himself because even 360 supporters don't believe his crap. Besides, he didn't claim he knew so much, he still claims it. What a noob.

DavidMacDougall5301d ago (Edited 5301d ago )

Speak up we cant hear you

EDIT! 100 degrees now BABY!!

RKRigney5301d ago

Hey somebody approve this junk it's at 80 degrees with only 3 approvals. That's just ridiculous.