Storytron's Chris Crawford: "Screw graphics"

It seems as if it was a bit rowdy-going at the opening of this year's Austin Game Developers Conference. The notorious author and game developer Chris Crawford - currently famous for his work with his program Storytron - said that today's games have shifted towards the wrong way. The open spaces, the brutal graphics and the detailed plots we think of as natural in current-gen titles are evidently ruining what games are all about - people and interaction.

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Pebz3688d ago

Have to agree on the "screw graphics" part, sort of.

Graphics shouldn't have priority over gameplay, story, sound/music, not even art direction imo. Getting tired of how games are constantly being marketed as "amazing graphics" when that is generally the first novelty of a game to wear off.

Most of the best games (subjective) can easily get away with merely "adequate" graphics, just enough to present the rest of the elements into a complete experience.

jmare3688d ago

True. Very few developers have figured out that games are a whole. Story, I think, can be more important than graphics. The level of interactivity comes from design, and that means more people need to be open to different design ideas. Overall though, a great game has all of these elements: Graphics, Story, controls(interactivity) and they are all done very well.

yamamoto1143688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

I agree. The reason why video games claim to be an art form is that they say they can do the same thing as movies, except interactively. When they do, it's the most wonderful thing in the world.

I would have HATED Assassin's Creed if it hadn't been executed so beautifully. Even though it was only worth one relatively short playthrough (I skipped most of the sidequests the second time around), it was one playthrough done exceedingly well simply because of its presentation.

Let me name some 6th- and 7th-generation games that I'm pretty sure most people will agree lack immersion. And yes, I've played every game on the list; I won't add games that I haven't.

These aren't necessarily BAD games, and I don't necessarily HATE them (in fact I included a lot of favorites), they just need that extra touch to make you really feel like a part of the experience.

Guitar Hero 3 (arcade game, I know, but I put Rock Band on the immersive list, so go figure)
Oblivion (it's a big great game, but it felt too incomplete, unrealistic, and very cookie-cutter; it lacks that really EPIC feel)
Counter-Strike: Source (online game... *shrug* FIRE IN TEH HOEL x 10)
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
Too Human
Tales of Vesperia
The Witcher
Unreal Tournament 3
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
Halo 2 (Bungie really fell out on this one. The magnificent ringworld doesn't feel so magnificent this time around...)
Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Most intense. Police chases. EVER.)
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Games that DO have immersion (again, I don't necessarily love them, nor do they necessarily have the most amazing graphics evar):

Halo: Combat Evolved (The game had a mysterious, mystical air of grandeur about itself...)
Assassin's Creed (Interface was great, music was great...)
Call of Duty 4 (A realistic conflict with characters in situations that feel very real...)
BioShock (Dude, this game creeped me out. Until I got to the Vita-Chamber. << BUT IT STILL CREEPED ME OUT.)
Half-Life 2 (a great example of seamless cutscene / gameplay integration and a wonderfully visualized world)
Rock Band (Yeah, arcade game, I know, but I put Guitar Hero above. Go figure.)
Need for Speed: ProStreet
Grand Theft Auto 4
Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
Metal Gear Solid 4 (other than the sparkly noise that the game made every time someone died and dropped a weapon--UGH)
Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction (it was MUCH more immersive than Mercs 2, due to the realism of the setting and the way the conflict was portrayed: desperate, deadly, and human. It also had great music. Yes. I really do dislike Mercs 2 a lot in comparison. I know Yathzee will too. Quick time events... *shudder*)
Okami (you can't hate the art style, no matter how hard you try >:D)

Hit or miss (some things made it immersive, others didn't, it's kinda in-between):

Halo 3 (Some things appared amazing... but didn't feel amazing. Like the Ark. That part of the game didn't come with much fanfare... you just saw it briefly and landed on it with no explanation. Kinda dumb...)
Gears of War (Great graphics and presentation. Story sucked.)
Rainbow Six: Vegas (WHY IS EVERYTHING RED)

Rawr! btw I own all 3 systems + PC. :D

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