Deceptive Microsoft Advertising or Just Good Business?

Microsoft has recently removed and re-uploaded an ad titled "NFL on Xbox 4K Resolution with Chet and Dolores", removing comments that claimed this ad was deceptive in implying the Xbox One S played games in 4K. Is this a calculated act, or is it just Microsoft promoting their product in the best way possible?

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darthv722717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

The ad is back up.

I don't find it deceptive as the XB1S does what it says it does. It does allow for media and games to be displayed at 4k UHD resolution. Now the original source material, however, may not be native 4k UHD but the box still does what it says it does.

edit: the only problem 'cousin' is you dont get the nature of basic information. If they want to lecture people about the formalities then that would be in a ad longer than 30 second. Basic information is short and to the point and the point is... the XB1S outputs in 4k UHD resolution.

As for the choice between "deceptive advertising" or "good business" I vote neither. It's just... marketing.

Gaming_Cousin2717d ago

"I don't find it deceptive as the XB1S does what it says it does."

You are part of the problem.

DashArrivals2717d ago

Don't worry. Everyone here knows exactly what Microsoft are doing. But Joe Public? Who knows. Lets hope they're smarter than we give them credit for. But according to world wide sales, it seems they've voted with their wallets. BIG TIME.

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PeaSFor2717d ago

new account already? the sharp pain in your butt must be INTENSE!

kfk2717d ago

Well there hasn't been a true exclusive on Xbox platforms to score a consensus 90 or higher since Forza 4 in October 2011, over five years ago; if you had put your heart and soul into fanboying for a platform that performed so miserably like rookie did, you might lash out by making pitiful comments to get repeatedly banned too :(, haha.

nowitzki20042716d ago

Add me to that list, I would love to be on a list with some of the best and brightest N4Gers

BLizardXD2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Gaming_Cousin19h ago
"I don't find it deceptive as the XB1S does what it says it does."

You are part of the problem."

and N4G isn't?

Sony marketed the PS4 pro first as a 4k gaming console countless times in their conference.

and everyone in n4g bought into this because sony is the creator of heaven and earth and speaks no lies....

Ju2716d ago

The PS4 Pro IS a 4K console.

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bluefox7552717d ago

Your TV also lets you view your games in 4k, the ad was misleading at best. I don't know how you can watch that commercial and honestly say you don't believe they were trying to mislead.

TheUndertaker852717d ago

While the TV may upscale to "4K" there would be a rather large difference in DVD player content being upscaled. Likewise, rather you like the fact or not, the Xbox One S was always marketed as being 4K capable which it is.

It's currently the only console on the market to offer UHD Blu-Ray support. That in itself is native 4K content. Further the One S does cater to upscaling even gaming content.

Otherwise your argument is pretty stupid to say the least. 4K TVs may upscale but that absolutely does not mean the input device does nothing for the process.

Then to make matters better Sony is advertising 4K content on the Pro. Is that also deceptive because the TV already does it? How about the fact that most content there also isn't 4K native?

darthv722717d ago

letting the tv do the work vs letting the box do the work... I'd think the dedicated box would be more capable because it was designed to output 4k as opposed to the TV taking in a less than 4k input and having to do the work.

If you want to let your TV do the work then by all means hook up a 360 or a ps3 or a 2600 to it and go all out.

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Ju2716d ago

A scaler is a scaler. If it is in the XB or in the TV doesn't make a difference. Playing movies in 4K makes it a 4K UHD player, but not a 4K console.

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n4rc2717d ago

That's exactly right..

Oh look at this 4k uhd image! Guess what dumbass fanboys?!? He's exactly right..

He is looking at a 4k uhd image.. did he say native? No? Checkerboard? Nope.. upscaled? Nope again.. see that's where you usual suspects fail.. they don't specify how the image is processed and they don't have to.. you choosing to assume it means native is your own ignorance

DashArrivals2717d ago

Can you shut up please?
You know exactly what Microsoft are doing. Everyone here knows. Some will tip-toe around it and say it's good business. Some will over-exaggerate and say it's the end of the world. BUT EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT MICROSOFT ARE DOING. There are on another level compared to Nintendo and Sony is this regard. It is my opinion that you can't trust Microsoft. When they're losing they get even worse. Desperate almost. They need that marketshare.

n4rc2717d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I want to live in your world.. where anything I don't like to hear shouldn't be said..

They said 4k uhd while a fkn 4k uhd image is on their screen.. you choosing to assume that simple comment tells you how the image is processed is your own problem.

Sony does the exact same thing but that's ok to you because they use some other non-native method to produce their image.. I call bs when I see it.. and that's bs

Angel.. what exactly is your definition of 4k gaming? Does it not send a 4k signal to your display? Then it's 4k gaming... Upscaled or native source doesn't apply, they are all forms of 4k.. again, you are assuming 4k means native.. it doesn't.

Angeljuice2716d ago

"they don't specify how the image is processed and they don't have to.. you choosing to assume it means native is your own ignorance"

They heavily imply that XB1s is being used for 4k gaming. They are taking advantage of non-gamers ignorance in the run up to Christmas.

That is not acceptable in law. Being ignorant isn't illegal, misleading the ignorant is.

Ju2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

We'll see how your tone will change when MS will launch the Scorpio with "real 4K" pixels.

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DafunkyRebel2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

It is deceptive first off, it is not a 4K machine because the 4K it refers to is only in Youtube streaming and that is available on ALL streaming devices even a freaking Roku can do it. Second, no it is not the only console to do HDR. My old PS4 after update can now be adjusted to HDR setting on some games like Uncharted 4 and Last of Us and looks twice as good. Also if you own a 4K TV it will already have Netflix built into it so you won't even need the Xbox console to stream 4K movies from it.

darthv722716d ago

You wont need a ps4 to stream content to a 4k smart tv either. But you could have the xb1s to watch physical 4k bluray movies. Something the tv and ps4 cant do.

TheUndertaker852716d ago

Hey, you forgot the Xbox One S includes a UHD Blu-Ray drive. Ya know, the drive capable of native 4K playback.

Ju2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

@darth: You could also have a 4K UHD BD player to play those movies. Neither that nor the XB can play games at that resolution, though.

oasdada2717d ago

It also depends on the basic knowledge of 4k and resolution itself.. majority of hardcore gamers these days have no idea about frame rates and native resolution let alone the average casual consumer.. in this case just saying 4k is in my opinion misleadinge..

JMyers2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

It's doesn't output 4K for games. Not even 1080p for the game being played in the advert. It upscales from 720 and 900 to 4K. The standard PS4 actually has better resolution. They were not playing 4K media like a film... they were playing a game. That's misleading.

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Gaming_Cousin2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Only greedy minded pigs think its good business

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xX-oldboy-Xx2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

And who's the greediest of all? MS hands down, bulk cash in reserves and they don't 'invest' in their game library. Deceptive, snake oil salesmen - I'm blown away that they've stooged so many people.