Team Ninja: 720p Optimal Resolution For PS3

With the battle between Microsoft and Sony in the next-generation stakes beginning to heat up, trivial aspects such as 720p or 1080p are increasingly being employed by the hardware giants in an attempt to get one up over each other.

In a lengthy interview with 1UP, Team Ninja's Yohsuke Hayashi Director on the forthcoming Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PlayStation3 waded in on the debate over games being displayed at 1080p, suggesting that the "higher definition" resolution is perhaps just a little too much for even the PS3.

Confirming that Ninja Gaiden Sigma will run at 720p, Hayashi claimed: "Well, this game is going to support 720p, and that is because we have determined that this is optimal resolution to get the best quality images out of the PS3."

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Mikey_Gee5233d ago

Kind of kills the whole "HDMI IS A MUST" theory.

But we already know that 720p is the magic number in games.

Xtrm L1481L1TY5233d ago

Welcome to the 4th dimension of gaming.

MikeMichaels5232d ago

...the lower the rez, the better the performance. Just look at your PC's.

Is he supposed to be saying something new by pointing out you get better performance by pushing less pixels?? The rest of the articles information is far more interesting.

Just think about how amazing the visuals would be if HD-TV's didn't exist.

...i guess you could consider 480i the "real" sweet spot then.

grifter0245233d ago

I guess "True HD" isnt really needed huh. Wow if they do sell a ps3 without a bluray player then there whole "True HD" theory was just a farce and really tarnished they companys name . Too bad so many ps3 fanboys were saying well we had 1080p as a native resolution haha guess you dont really need it now do you hahaha.

Zinswin5233d ago

The rumors surrounding the PS3 that it may come without Blu-Ray are complete BS. All original games wouldn't be compatable and it would turn into an utter nightmare... parents trying to return the wrong version of the game to Best Buy and being denided because it's been opened and you can only exchange for the same sku (NOT the same title).

Please let that rumor die.

TheMART5233d ago

Well there we go

What MS said all along, the sweet spot is 720p. We all knew for a long time these gen machines won't be able to put out all demanding games on 1080p.

It's just like last gen XBOX, 96% of all games are 480p, some are 720p/1080i. Yes, the old XBOX did 720p already. This time it's about the same with 720p compared to 1080p

5233d ago
Syko5233d ago (Edited 5233d ago )

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Antan5233d ago

Whats more interesting is that the quote comes from someone involded in a big name title "exclusivley" for Sony!

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