Japan Analyst Slashes PS3 Forecasts

Analysts at Japan-based investment firm Nomura say that the PlayStation 3 will miss its fiscal year worldwide shipment target by 1.5 million on grounds of "poor sales" in North America during the holidays.

Market Watch reports that Nomura now expects Sony to ship only 4.5 million PS3s by the close of the company's fiscal year ending in March. The new forecast is only 75 percent of its previous estimation of 6 million shipped for the period.

Despite early manufacturing issues and a subsequent European delay, Sony has maintained that it will still ship 6 million PS3s worldwide by the end of its fiscal year.

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TheMART5227d ago

How much more bad news can a company take?

I bet they won't even make 4.5 million.
They could get about 1.5 million shipped at the end of December.

They started producing somewhere september/oktober. So it took them 3 months to get 1.5 million out of the factory. How in hell would they be able to get 3 million out then in the following 3 months?

Think it'll be closer to say it will be somewhere between 2.5 to 3.5 million max.

OC_MurphysLaw5227d ago

Agree'd. I could see around 3 million especially given the Europe launch. However...I think the Wii really has stolen much of the PS3's thunder. March is going to be a very interesting month to watch.

grifter0245227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

wait didnt another Japanese analysist say they were going to win this console year??? Wow even there pr is lying haha sucks to be them. But then again when do any anylasist's know what they are talking about. Most of these guys dont play games and dont really do anything but give there opinion about what might happen so you really shouldn't listen to them , They said the same thing about xbox360 so forget every anylsist out there ,there just like reviewers getting paid to do nothing but express there opinions which are super super biased and never right.

Gears5227d ago


jerrell5227d ago

I get pretty tired of hearing people "predict" what might happen and they don't even know. The damn console only has been out not even 2 months until Wednesday and they expecting them to sell them like they are the cure for AIDS! The games that come out for this system will sell this console. We just have to give the developers time to complete their games. Once the console has been out for a year, PS3 should gain so serious ground, especially when MGS4 hits the market. This console took off faster than the PS1 and PS2. What seems to be the problem? YES, there are no games yet besides RFOM, but they will come! If you are a "TRUE" Gamer, you will hope this system does not die. PS2 has given us great games and Sony did well with it! Why now we turn our backs on them and doubt them? As a company, you will have problems from time to time and things willnot go right because you are tryiing to be innovative, but the d&^%$ public can't see past their own ego...what little it is anyway. Everything is "not" always going to be perfect all the time. So any "anal"yst that are out there, just sit back and watch and see what happens like the rest of us! If I wanted predictions, I will look at the weather channel or call Cleo..

Boink5227d ago

"true" gamers are turning their backs because of sony's arrogance, and taking their fanbase for granted.

"people would buy the ps3 even without games" --guess not eh sony?

CyberSentinel5227d ago

"This console took off faster than the PS1 and PS2. What seems to be the problem?". Many of those Launch systems were purchased with the "ebay intension of tripling its value" since that was not the case, many have been properly returned to store shelves, where they belong. Thats the problem.

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The story is too old to be commented.