PlayStation Home: Game Launching

Game launching is one of the main features available in PlayStation Home, allowing players to create a game, wait for users to join and then launch the game directly within Home. Once the game is over, you are returned to Home so you can discuss the game. XTREME PS3 has made some videos on exactly how the feature works.

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marinelife93688d ago

That's actually pretty sweet. And I haven't had a hiccup with it yet even on Socom.

chaosatom3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

how much immersive is Home?

How are the loading times for home?

Panthers3688d ago

Tahts cool. I really see a lot of potential with Home and Socom clans. Have a clan base and everything.

marinelife93688d ago

Grab a USB keyboard before you go into home and you'll have a great time. Every person that i've met so far has been very friendly.

If your lucky and know someone who happens to be on the Japan or UK server you can go visit their sites and the layout is completely different. The games and movies are different as well.

They still have a lot of features they still need to turn on that are currently disabled. And a lot of spaces to open up as well. But for hanging out and getting to know people it's already pretty mature.

mindedone3688d ago

Because every time I launch a game from Home it cuts off my mic. EVERY TIME.

bruiser813688d ago

@ 1.4

dude where did you get the "Sho-Nuff" avitar from, thats tight. Did you know he died last month?

TK4213688d ago

I didn't know he died.

mindedone3688d ago

Yeah, R.I.P Julius Carry. It was my favorite movie growing up. But to answer your first question, I found the pic by googling "sho nuff" on the internet,and made an avatar out of the pic that I liked most.

To anyone with PSN, purchase "The Last Dragon" today.

wray773687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

"Grab a USB keyboard before you go into home and you'll have a great time."

I'm sorry I don't mean to be a fanboy but come on I see a lot of people singing the praises of the ps3, and you can't even rely on voice chat?

yesah3687d ago

i thought it meant home was out.

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WINZLOW3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

a second life. Can you noobs tell me how gamers can make money from home? it is an optional game launching feature that expands upon that as well.

TheDevineOne3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

on the games or software that you use, I am dying to hear what you have to say in your infinite wisdom, Home is a social networking program for the PS3 where you can meet your friends hang out play games meet new people and discuss your gaming or anything else you want so I dont understand what making money has to do with it, so please explain. I can not go into any further details about home because I am a beta tester, But Home when it is released to everyone will be a remarkable thing for all PS3 users.

Raoh3688d ago

holy crap, did he just set up the game room type, players, map playlists etc from within home then launch the game?

where the hell is my HOME invite damn it.... ??

PirateThom3688d ago

Yes, this is what I have been telling people. I'm not in it, but I thought that was the single most important feature of the programme.

Close_Second3688d ago

...why this is such a great feature? If I want to play SOCOM I'll load SOCOM and create game parameters there. Same goes for any other multiplayer game.

Why would I load up Home, then load up the game I wish to makes no sense to me at all. Also, if I was exploring home and came across a game that one of my friends had setup then chances are I'd be less likely to want to join as I'd rather stay/play in Home. especially if load times are sluggish.

This feature does not beat the ability to perform cross-game invites on the XBL network.

PirateThom3688d ago

Because the final version is supposed to let you set everything up from within Home (friends, number of players, rounds maps etc), jump directly into a game, then back to Home, into another game without seeing game menus, just from Home to multiplayer game straight into Home again.

Close_Second3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

...Thats not much of an incentive to use home. What they needed to do was make it that by using Home you had access to exclusive game content or on-line options. Replacing one menu system with another (albeit a graphically rich one with home) to me just adds to the overall load time for actually playing the game.

I'm not saying it will but what if Home fails? sure there will be a surge of existing PS3 owners who will download and give it a go but once the initial excitement wears off what is left? what if its not popular enough for gamers to warrant going in and using it? Since it has no real "Sims" like qualities what is there to bring people back to it time and time again?

nizza3688d ago

The beauty of it is, you can go in to home, meet up with some friends and decide what game you want to play and launch it there and then.
This way, you can work out with your friends what games you've all got and what your in the mood for playing before you go wasting 5 or 10 minutes loading up a game that your mates aint gonna join you in anyway :/

pav23233688d ago

Well I am in the beta, and I can say that it does add to the PS3 experience. I have met people I would not have otherwise over a game of bowling, then decided to launch into some Warhawk. It brings a great sense of community, sure you will have you A-Holes, but overall I am looking forward to the open beta, with the added features.

pwnsause3688d ago

yes future games that have an online mode have to be home compatible for game launching, you can set up the server within home as well, thats all you are going to get from me, just wait till it comes to your PS3.

Close_Second3688d ago

Thanks for your response. Tell me, were you playing a bowling game exclusive to Home or launching the one you can buy off PSN and if it was the one of PSN does it use the avatar you create in Home when you play?

Phaqutomb3687d ago

@ close_second

home has a bowling ally built into it. along with some pool tables.

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Bren863688d ago

That didn't even create the room in socom.

So once we have made a game, can we access the friends list from the xmb or some special home menu to invite our friends to join us or do our friends have to be with us in home as where making the room so they can be invited?. What about late joiners? do we have to go back to home again to remake the room them invite them all again.

Wouldn't it be simple to just go on a game, create or join a game then press the ps button then choose friends to invite or go on our friends list to choose to join a specific friend. Like xbox live.

Home is optional so I hope sony are working on a way of doing all this for people that don't go on home.

thor3688d ago

You can do this for specific games, certainly. I pretty much only play warhawk online but that has a great feature in that regard. Just go down my friends list and hit join game. In-home game launching, again, will only be for specific games I believe.

Close_Second3688d ago

...dead in my neck of the woods. Can take an hour before you get half a dozen other players joining your game. I doubt Home will do anything to change that at all.

thor3688d ago

You can get people to join your game _whilst_ you are in home. And you should know, in warhawk (or games in general mostly), when you get about 8 people to join a game people then flood in and it's full until people start going to sleep or the server's shut down. So just find 8 people in home to start a game of warhawk with and you'll have a full game in no time. I can't host a game with more than 4 players unfortunately (no ranked games, means no bandwidth donor trophy for me).

MazzingerZ3687d ago


Why the heck would someone join private rooms when you have kick-ass DEDICATED SERVERS across the whole fricking planet?!?...I have no problem joining full rooms with 20-32?

Warhawk doesn't run on XBL so please stop with your complains about sound more like a frustrated X360 owners that happens to have a PS3.

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Karum3688d ago

Looks pretty cool and am looking forward to it finally being released. I'm cool with Sony delaying it as long as they get it right.