SOCOM: Confrontation Beta Impressions

XTREME PS3 gives their impressions on the SOCOM: Confrontation Beta:

"The graphics are amazing with highly detailed character models and attractive environments. The weapons look realistic and there is a nice range of different weapons to choose from. There are a lot of customization options too, from outfitting your character with different clothes and accessories to customizing your weapons and attachments."

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chaosatom3686d ago

still deciding if I should buy qore or not.

Hagaf223686d ago

its a great game, but i would just say wait till the full version comes out... aside from the load issues, one of the best betas ive been in.

BlackTar1873686d ago

and then got your money abck if you didnt like it. I can tell you this is worth qore this game kicks A** abig time. But this coming from a Socom 1,2,3,ca(3 and CA sucked )fan. I hope to see you on my name is BlackTar hit me up : ) I got a good clan you could come in and play and get used to it without being called a noob or BS like that.

rdgneoz33686d ago

I reserved my copy of SOCOM with the headset, they told me they only got a 4 beta keys and they had 4 guys lined up outside right after it was announced...

MikeGdaGod3686d ago

just started a new job, haven't had much time to play

boodybandit3686d ago

to purchase to get into the beta?

Cenobia3686d ago

I purchased Qore when it came out, and still haven't received a beta code. I probably won't ever get it. I sent an email to Sony about it, and they just requested information I had put in the original email. If they're gonna send me in circles they can forget it.

In my opinion there is absolutely no reason to get Qore. You pay for it just so they can advertise to you, and then not deliver on the content you were promised. I honestly hope Qore dies (or at the very least changes to make it something worth having on the PSN).

cLiCK_sLiCK93686d ago

i Couldnt get in the beta because i forgot my psn email's password.
Rip off...and no QORE, i dont want a $1 cheesebuger so stop trying to sell me one. >[
The same chet better not happen with the RESiSTANCE 2 Beta.

Is there any other way i can get that beta code in a alternate email address??
omg! Why cant they just let us download it on the qore's download center????

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LinuxGuru3686d ago

Ok honestly, there are many many many games that have better textures, lighting, animations, and effects.

Socom honestly does not look spectacular at this point.

It does, however, look good for the type of game it is.

BlackTar1873686d ago

I dont get what your saying? Graphics are only complient learn this people.

Brute Force ring a bell?
KZ1 ring a bell ?

Even though you may not have been saying this it sounds as if your let down with the graphics when all that matters is the gameplay what did you think of that?

LinuxGuru3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

This game is not the best looking game out there, but I will say that for a 3rd-person online shooter, it's quite good.

Also, I do know that Graphics does not equal a better game, and I do know that Socom is known for its gameplay, which I happen to like very much.

Additionally, what is the name of your clan? I'd like to be part of one that doesn't go crazy over noob players.

LinuxGuru3686d ago

LOL @ 8 disagrees about my graphics comment.

I know you guys like Socom a lot, ok? But it's honestly just not that pretty of a game!

You can't deny that no matter how much you love the series.

EastCoastSB3686d ago

Socom has never been about the graphics. Most of the hardcore Socomers don't even give a sh1t; they just want solid game play.

VF34EJ253686d ago

Actually I'm going to have to say this about the graphics. While they do the job, there is some strange inconsistencies with it. Textures look great up close, but look terrible from a distance. They all look low-res. And even when you zoom in with a scope, it stays low-res.

This seems to be more lack of technical polish from Slant 6, and it's clear they don't know the PS3 hardware.

I understand that Sony wants to give them a chance to develope a PS3 title, but at this point. Slant 6 has no idea what they're doing with the graphics. Oh and not to mention there's a buttload of pop-in everywhere. I'm hoping that those things get ironed out in the full release, but it's not looking too bright right now.

But gameplay wise it's pretty good though.

Chubear3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

How you can't be impressed with the graphical look of this game is beyond me.

Now, you mention ONE single downloadable game on any other gaming platform that come anywhere close to SOCOM's graphical looks and maybe I'd agree with you. Warhawk was viewed as a stunning title graphically for a downloadable game and this game beats it badly in that regard so how can the graphics be bad?

Hell, go look at vids shot from MGO and CoD4 and you'll see that even these full fledged Blu-ray games are comparable. Plus, this game looks better than Halo online for crying out loud and better than most online shooters today so I have no clue how you can even think of doggin it in the graphical level... unless you actually think games like RB6 Vegas, FEAR, Kane 'n Lynch, PD:0, Shadow run, Turok or fuels of War look better or comparable and if you do then you're not just a dumbass but a blind dumbass.

This game isn't even about graphics but it holds it's own in this department hands down but there is no shooter on the market today that comes anywhere near the tactical & online match making content this game has. Not even one full fledged disc game.

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aiphanes3686d ago

If you go to are working on the next patch...which will resolve all the issues we have now..

SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta Update
Posted by Seth Luisi
Thank you all for participating in the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Public Beta. We know that it has not gone as smoothly as we would all like, but I want to assure you that we are working on the issues. Please remember, the main purpose of the Public Beta was to identify just these types of issues before the game is launched.

We are working on and testing another patch right now. For this patch, the focus is to resolve the following issues:

Abnormally long network synchronization issues when some users in a game have a poor network connection. This issue causes 4-7 minute (or longer) load times when late joining a game.
An issue where respawn game late joiners were sometimes stuck in spectator mode and could not respawn into the game.
Remove the latency detection network test which is causing some users with poor network connections to receive the network latency icon (red X).

We will announce when the new patch will be released once we've verified the fixes and it has passed our QA.


SOCOM: Confrontation Online Team Public Beta

name3686d ago

I really liked the game. What I didn't like is waiting 10 minutes to join a game and getting that ridiculously annoying red x in the middle of a gunfight, and have it go away to see myself already dead because of it.

blu3print3686d ago

Ruined by some smart person, after the lengthy wait, I finally got into the game only to have some jerk kill the VIP on purpose

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