Gamer TV Previews MGS4 on PS3

Check out the following preview from Gamer TV for Metal Gear Solid 4.

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TheMART5430d ago

Still only CGI stuff, same old trailer seen over and over again

Where is the actual ingame footage???

combatant5430d ago

that trailer is epic, even if its cg.

dantesparda5430d ago

This isnt CGI, its realtime and you know it. Stop being so stupid, but you're European so that explains alot (since you wanna make remakes about the other guy being German)

TheMART5430d ago

This isn't ingame and you know it, stop the lying like Sony does.

Killzone wasn't real ingame stuff either period

dantesparda5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

Im not saying that Killzone is, i know it isnt, dumbass. What do you think that i am stupid like you? if you look at the 1st videos of MGS, those where CGI, but if you look at the 2nd ones that came out, you could clearly see a degration in quality, and could tell that the are in-game engine renders. "Spreading lies" like Sony? You're funny kid. I dont bullsh!t for nobody. Im calling it like it is. Those last videos of MGS are realtime in-game engine renders. Face it!

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MissAubrey5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

I dont want to see that damn crap anymore I wat to see someone playing it. Yeh Hideo we know you do your cutscenes great and all but cmon already.

achira5430d ago

theMart ps3 graphics is like cgi.

MissAubrey5430d ago

that game is truly amazing.

TheMART5430d ago

Haha Achira

You're German so that says enough. They saw things wrong multiple times before

Now about this stuff, if you believe this will be ingame you're fooling yourself. And you know it.

The good thing is though, what Sony shows in non ingame CGI stuff, the 360 puts out ingame.
CGI Killzone shown @ E3 2005, Gears of War give you that ingame. MGS4 CGI, will be shown ingame in Halo 3, Bioshock, Alan Wake visuals? Who knows but it's too stupid constantly we don't see any ingame footage on these games on PS3 and even you must agree Achira

RuffRyder5430d ago

Your kidding right? sure you cant be that stupid and blind to think that so il give you the benefit of the doubt and say you was just kidding!!

dantesparda5425d ago

And you're European Mart, so whats your point? That theres something wrong with Germans?

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RuffRyder5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

Is it me or did blood start spewing from the metal gears after being stabbed by a sword???? so they not only moo like excited cows but they also have blood when there suposed to be made of metal!!!!
This game just gets dumber and dumber...
and isnt it about time we see some GAMEPLAY already im sick of all this crap cgi movie bull sh*t I want some real gameplay footage!

Raiyel5430d ago

for those who are unaware... MGS cutscenes have ALWAYS been using the in game engine. perhaps not on the 360, but on ps1 and ps2 the cutscenes were always rendered real time through the engine. the reason being that it saves massive space that would otherwise be taken up by video files.

so all of the people who are complaining they want to see in game footage to see the graphics, we'll folks, technically everything you are seeing is in game footage, the only difference is cinematic camera angles vs. in game camera angles.

Mikey_Gee5430d ago

How about "GAMEPLAY" then. We will refer to what we want to see as "GAMEPLAY"

I want to see the graphics when I am controlling the action ...

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