Bethesda unsure if Switch powerful enough to run Prey

When asked in an interview whether the Switch would be powerful enough to run Prey, Bethesda was vague at best.

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UltraNova2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Of course it is, on low settings 720p that acceptable for 2017?

Problem is Bethesda the only publisher who has this opinion? Are we looking at the next Wii and Wii U in terms of 3rd party support, or the lack thereof, all over again?

Edit: @neonridr

On handheld mode yes, what about when you hook it up on the TV as in console mode?

Neonridr2354d ago

a game like Prey or Doom running at 720p/30fps on a handheld? Sure that's acceptable, since no handheld has been able to deliver visuals with console quality titles anywhere close to that. Vita was 540p and people talked about how gorgeous that thing looked.

KingAlistair2354d ago

For 2017,4k 60fps high-ultra settings/smaa or 5k/60 fps downsampled/medium settings/high textures/no aa.

Deeke2353d ago

That's an interesting point...what if some games can only be played in handheld mode? I doubt Nintendo would allow that as it'd fly in the face of the console itself, but...if they can't run in handheld mode properly, then the games likely just won't release on the system.

That being said, I still have a lot of faith in the Switch's scaling, and I think it'll handle games very well, especially if it uses a Pascal Tegra instead of the Maxwell Tegra that everyone thinks it'll pack.

PhoenixUp2354d ago

That doesn't sound good for Switch. I was led to believe it has hardware on parity with the base model PS4 & XO

yeahokwhatever2354d ago

Not even close..the tech required to do that doesn't exist.

xwabbit2354d ago

It probably exist but it ain't gonna be affordable LOL

ElectricFeel2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Led to believe by what? Your own lack of research?

OhMyGandhi2354d ago

He led himself to believe.

FallenAngel19842354d ago

Even if Bethesda did ensure Prey could run on Switch, the game would still be either buggy and/or broken because well...Bethesda

DefenderOfDoom22354d ago

ARKANE STUDIOS is the developer of PREY 2 , BETHESDA is the publisher.

SlappingOysters2354d ago

If it can run, it will burn that Switch controller's battery out in 15 minutes

yeahokwhatever2354d ago

Exactly. People don't understand. There is no real such thing as best of both worlds. You can't have slim form factor + battery + high end performance at the same time. The battery/chip tech isn't there yet, or else they'd be in other devices already.

2354d ago
yeahokwhatever2354d ago

Depending on pricing, Switch can replace the 3DS as their main handheld system. It just has the added bonus of being able to plug into your TV as well.

Neonridr2354d ago

I am sure this has everything to do with studios unsure of how successful the system will be. If the thing is comparable to an XB1 in terms of specs then no reason why it can't run it. Plus a straight up port should be very minimal cost wise.

time2die2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Was always hopeful Nintendo would go down the power route and compete with the likes of Sony and Microsoft,but again they have chosen the Gimmick Route,if it fails like the Nintendo Wii U then i fear Nintendo may become another Sega.

Neonridr2354d ago

it's a gimmick to be both a handheld and a home console? I would think that is more revolutionary than anything anyone else is bringing to the table.

Lon3wolf2354d ago

I was hoping the same especially when Reggie said they had listened to fans, it appears not imo but I still hold out hope for it.

ocelot072354d ago

If you mean by another Sega you mean becoming a software only company. I would be fine with that. They can then release their games on any platform they want giving them even more sales.

yeahokwhatever2354d ago

Its nowhere near XB1 in real-world capabilities. At least in battery mode. That'd be impossible.

MecheSlays2354d ago

its not impossible but unlikely

ShadowWolf7122353d ago

Eh, not so simple as you think. Porting to a system with completely different architecture is a bit more effort than just a few lines of new code.

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