PS3Fanboy: Mirror's Edge Hands On

PS3Fanboy writes: "You've all no doubt seen the original trailer for Mirror's Edge (and if not, where've you been?), which means you know the first part of this Mirror's Edge level pretty well. Looks easy, right? I thought so too, until I had my hands on the controls and I was plummeting to my death for the fifth time. Mirror's Edge looks incredibly stylish in the trailers, but it's easy to assume there's not much actual gameplay there. The reality is, this is one of the most intriguingly controlled games that you'll play this year".

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LinuxGuru3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

There's one thing I don't like about this game:

It holds your hand in terms of where you need to go. Whatever is painted red, that's where you need to go to progress in the level.

I feel that's a lazy design decision, and that a much better way of going about it would be to not have such a blatantly obvious level path.

This game is about Parkour, and anyone who knows even one shred about parkour, knows that there is no "set way" of going througha particular area. It's all about improvising and choosing your own way around the environment.

If you're going to make a game with Parkour at center stage, then please get rid of the painted level paths.

Anyone could easily look at a usable piece of the environment and see that as a logical way to proceed further. I don't need that pole over there painted red to see that I can swing under it or vault over it.

Leave some decisions to the player, and you will be greatly rewarded with praises of level non-linearity.

thor3684d ago

The devs said you can turn that feature off ;)

LinuxGuru3684d ago

Oh well then hell yeah at least it's optional!

Good good, that made me very happy thor lol

+ bubble

Radiodread3684d ago

as long as you can look down and see some cleavage, I'm down. Then again she's chinese. OHHH SNAP!