HDTV-Gaming-Lag: An Epidemic Exposed

Some HDTVs can make videogames unplayable. IGN explain the phenomena, the causes, and the solutions...

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jedicurt6202d ago

I can't remember where i read it, but i remeber reading something about 6 months ago in a press release or something from apple, that this was a problem they were having with their whole use of front row on hdtv's and that is why they said that they went with DVI and were looking at eventually going with HDMI options on the new macmini's becasue it allowed communication between the hdtv and the computer so that it was automatically able to adjust the outgoing signal accordingly to overcome HDTV lag. Does anyone else remember reading this or hearing something about it??? cause i can't remember for sure

Siesser6202d ago

I can personally attest to this. Parents bring home a beautiful large HDTV, and so I hook my ps2 up to it. I play burnout for a while, just fine. Then I pop in Guitar Hero, and suddenly look like I've never played before. It took me a second to realize that I wasn't off (as I was following the music), but rather, there was a delay in the video stream. It's possible to forcibly compensate (i.e. play sooner than your eyes let on), but not worth the effort. Slower games, where precision doesn't matter, play fine though. And DDR plays fine as well, which I can only assume means there's a larger gap or window for input in that game.

PS360PCROCKS6202d ago

huh, that's crappy, mines yay for me, lol


i'm about to get a 48" flat screen HDTV, so I had better be careful!

and what did that silly little sony fan say to me?

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