NZGamer: Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon Hands On

NZGamer writes: "A lot has changed since we last saw Spyro. Now in his teenage years, the little purple dragon has mastered the art of flight and can certainly hold his own in battle thanks to his knowledge of the elements.

Dawn of the Dragon was a pleasant surprise in the Activate '08 line-up, especially after the last title failed to spark any captivation with it's rehashed gameplay. Immediately in the first demonstration we got to see Spyro soaring above grassy knolls, trees swaying in the winds and crystal clear waterfalls flowing into glistening rivers. The game was instantly mesmerising and the bright colours attracted gamers like moths. But as we found out in our hands-on session, Spyro isn't just a beautiful looking game either."

The Good: Spyro can now take to the air at any time.

The Bad: Elijah Wood is back as the voice of Spyro.

The Ugly: Spyro ain't as cute as he once was.

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