1UP: Tom vs. Bruce #23: LOTR: The Battle for Middle-earth

1UP writes: "In 2003, two hardcore PC gamers -- a freelance game journalist named Tom and a wargame expert/future brain surgeon named Bruce -- penned their first in a series of PC-gaming strategy columns for Computer Gaming World magazine and, later, Games for Windows: The Official Magazine. We've collected every column and archived them on for future generations to study, ponder, dissect, and enjoy.

Bruce: I asked Tom for a month off. We both knew it was because I was too busy playing World of WarCraft, but neither of us would admit it, so we shuffled our feet uncomfortably until Tom mentioned that this month's game was Battle for Middle-earth. I told him that Erik was a better choice for this anyway, since he's such a big fan, and Tom agreed. I'll be back next month.

Tom: I don't know a hobbit from a hacksaw. I've never read the hobbit books, and I wasn't paying close attention during the hobbit movies. But I do know real-time strategies. So when Erik said, "Umm, well, let's see, I guess I'll play...I dunno, I guess maybe these Mordor guys," I knew I had it made: Erik had chosen an evil side. This meant I'd be playing a good side. And in The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth, the good side gets the walled cities, which are really tough to crack."

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