1UP: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Review

Star Wars geeks will undoubtedly enjoy the story to some long as they can excuse some manipulation of canon to accommodate it. Certain plot points just don't make much sense in terms of the timeline -- for example, how long the Jedi actually stick around after Episode III -- but as George Lucas has shown, it doesn't seem like the timeline developed by the three original movies holds much weight, anyhow. Even the most hardcore Star Wars fans will be disappointed in what could've been an opportunity to highlight the true power of the Force.

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xhi43738d ago

it had sooo much potential. But looks like it'll be a rental.

yoghurt3738d ago

I'm trying not to listen to the reviews, I enjoyed the demo very much played it several times over, pre-ordered ages ago and intend to go through with it.

I went against the reviews and bought Haze, loved every minute of it, I guess we are not so critical as reviewers as we are looking for fun not a slight graphical glitch, or something

FCOLitsjustagame3738d ago

Non of these reviews are saying its a bad game, just that its an average game that misses its potential. At least thats what I read when I read these reviews.