Download Lost Odyssey, the Japanese RPG Classic, Free for a Limited Time

In celebration of the Xbox One Backward Compatibility catalog exceeding 300 games, we have a very special gift to all our Xbox fans. For a limited time, you can download the classic Xbox 360 role playing game Lost Odyssey for free. Yes, for free! Play it now on Xbox One via Backward Compatibility.

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darthv72699d ago

Lost Odyssey is such a good game and can't argue with the price.

christocolus699d ago

First time both games will be available digitally and LO is free until Dec 31st. Great job MS. Great job. Now my friends can try out both games. BC is amazing.

darthv72699d ago

I just downloaded alan wake last night and now my hdd is going to get smaller with this 20gb+ mofo.

BLizardXD699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Great game. after seeing this, something big maybe coming this E3. we'll just have wait and see.

mikeslemonade699d ago

The last great Jrpg. Not this garbage 13, 15, and ni no kuni.

Kingthrash360698d ago

Why can't you just enjoy the game. Instead of spewing your obviously bias opinion.
This is a great jrpg for the 360. Enjoy it.
I doubt you've even played it. The battle system is too complicated for you. So try it out, give it a chance.

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XanderZane699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Oh snap. I'm downloading it now. Don't have to swap 3 disks to play it when it's all on the HDD. This is awesome Microsoft. Thank you.

Yeah, it's 23GB. It's going to take awhile to download. Work the wait and disk space.

Chevalier698d ago

4 discs if I recall correctly, not 3.

KillBill698d ago

Odd... I am downloading it now and it shows just over 16GB for the full download on X360. Couldn't imagine why it would be 7GB more for Xbox One if that is what you are downloading it for?

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Bahamut699d ago

That's a good one, but I'd prefer to have Hironobu Sakaguchi stop focusing on Terra Battle and other android/ios games and give us something new.

lxeasy699d ago

I'm downloading this tonight!!

Nu698d ago

I learned of this news thanks to N4g.
My copy as stolen by a repairman who stole it

Condemnedman698d ago

well one can apparently 😨

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Septic699d ago

Holy! Digital AND free at the same timemail? Boss! No more swapping a million discs

Now I dare someone to complete the game before the free time runs out.

christocolus699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

I hope we get a sequel to LO. That game is so good. I already have the disc version but I couldn't resist owning the digital version.

Christopher699d ago

Did not care for Blue Dragon. Never got to play Lost Odyssey. My lucky day, indeed. If it was Blue Dragon, I would have been sad. Not to say others can't enjoy it, I'm just being selfish and enjoying it turned out more in my favor that it may have for others.

Christopher699d ago

My understanding is it's free to buy for a limited time, but once you own it and keep up your XBL account, you can play it whenever.

christocolus699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Exactly. It's not tied to Xbox live subscription either. You can pick it up now before Dec 31st for free.

Eliseo676699d ago

Indeed, it's essentially a third Games with Gold offer.

Automatic79699d ago (Edited 699d ago )


All Xbox 360 games you acquire, through an Xbox Live gold account are yours free to own. That also includes when the Xbox Live Subscription runs out. To clarify free for life.

meatnormous699d ago

I just started the download and I don't have a gold account.

Christopher699d ago

***All Xbox 360 games you acquire, through an Xbox Live gold account are yours free to own.***

I know, you should note I'm replying to Septic who mentioned 'free time runs out', which I felt might mislead people to think it was only free for a period of time.

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gamer7804698d ago

basically its on sale for 0$ until dec 31st. easiest way to look at it.

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Lon3wolf699d ago

You don't need to change discs, only keep the 1st one in (if you are referring to theses multi disc titles of course).

KillBill698d ago

Not sure if you played Lost Odyssey yet? I know when I played it I was required to change out disks at points in the game. Even with all disks installed on my x360.

I am downloading the digital copy now just so I have another copy available.

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KillBill698d ago

@Cobra951 - yes I understand that. What I didn't understand is the comment by Lon3wolf that only keeping the 1st one in is required. I don't recall at any point in the past of being able to play Lost Odyssey without disk swaps when required by gameplay, not even after the ability to install onto HD.

Lon3wolf698d ago (Edited 698d ago )

@Killbill to play the BC version originally before it became a digital title you only needed to keep the 1st disc in even when it said swap discs, yes you had to change it for the 360 I assumed Septic was talking about when it first went BC not on 360. I have the discs because I did play it on the 360 :D

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BizarroUltraman699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Its free for you to keep not limited play. You have til the 31st to redeem the free token.

Edit: I asked someone on Xbox chat.

Septic699d ago

Oh man that's insane! Even better!


WAIT! They take it back after the 31st???

Septic698d ago

Nah they don't. It was my misunderstanding. If you download it before then it's yours to keep 😊

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MetroidFREAK21699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

"Blue Dragon is not free :("

*Edit* the person changed the title... Hence my comment. On topic... Any game that's free is nice :)

Movefasta1993699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

LMAO it's free???Ahhh man.That's crazy microsoft. I'll play again when the scorpio releases since it's bc.

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