Resident Evil 7 On PS4 Pro The Ideal Way To Play If Your Wallet Allows It, Says Capcom Dev

Though there's been plenty of criticism about the first person perspective, there's no denying that Capcom's Resident Evil 7 is one of the more anticipated games the series has seen in a long time. However, with so many different ways to play it, especially on PlayStation 4, what's your best possible bet?

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Babadook71980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Pro. The clear choice for fans of Resident Evil 7 (and soon, many, many other games)

Edit: also psvr :)

whitesoxfalife19761980d ago

im not gonna lie but i watch a tuber play the demo thru his psvr it was cool to watch his reactions..

even tho i just got thru playing it on my xbox about a day or two earlier it did made me think about wanting one for that purposes.....

G20WLY1980d ago

^@whitesox, I played it on PSVR, trust me it's a whole different ball game! Awesome experience and far more atmospheric! Can only play this in VR now, personally.

ifistbrowni1980d ago

Good thing I just bought a PS4 Pro today. Have had my VR ready since around it's launch.

I was so late getting the Pro because I wasn't 100% sold. But, the most recent video game reviews have all highlighted how the games run better on pro (even without "pro updates"). After seeing so many of these claims, I decided to bite the bullet and make the purchase. I'm mostly excited about the 1TB hard drive. It was getting annoying managing that Day 1 500GB hard-drive.

joab7771980d ago

I will say that with a 4K TV and Pro, I don't regret buying it at all. I've only played a couple of games but they are so beautiful.

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DaleCooper1979d ago

Saved me a click. Thanks!

Bebob1980d ago

I played the demo on my ps pro and vr headset. And it is outstanding, the grapics are much better than the kitchen demo. I cant wait for this game. I pre ordered it, and i excpect this to be a true ps vr killer game.

DivineAssault 1980d ago

I have yet to try the new demo on the VR.. I want to finish FF15 first.. But if its as good as you say, im glad i bought the thing..

ifistbrowni1980d ago

I don't think I'm going to try the demo at all. I've been sold on this game since it's inception. I'm a pretty serious Resident Evil fan (RE 2 and 3 were my child hood) and a believer in VR.

My body, my psvr and my PS4 pro are ready for Resident Evil's January release. I don't need anymore playtime on the game (played the demo that launched during E3).

Hardiman1980d ago

My Pro is so ready for this and I'll be getting PSVR when RE7 hits as well. I can't wait to experience the horror in VR!

kraenk121980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Better try to get one pre-release since the thing is pretty much going to be outsold for months.

Hardiman1980d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Your right my local Wal-Mart has a few I might go get one tomorrow.

Edit: Well I missed out, I snoozed and I lost. Should've got one the day it was there at the Fayetteville TN Wal-Mart. Well now I'll just have to wait.

IamTylerDurden11980d ago


Everywhere i go in Northern NJ PSVR is sold out with no solid info on a restock date. I'm sick of the sentiment that is bubbling up about PSVR not being sold out. Ppl are selling it for hundreds more on Ebay and they're going like hotcakes. Ppl are selling the $399 unit for $750 regularly.

If your local Walmart has a few hiding on the shelf i'd buy all of them ASAP. Go t o Ebay right now. U can sell them for $200 more and they will sell fast.

ifistbrowni1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

This was my original plan with PSVR. But I questioned myself. Why wait 4 months and pay $400 when I can pay $400 now, play a few games like Batman and Until Dawn (get my feet wet) and have it ready for January's launch of RE7.

IMO, if you plan to get a PSVR for RE7, you should just go get one as soon as you have the money. Theres no point in waiting. I really do not see PSVR getting discounted before or during RE7 release. At most, I can see a RE7 bundle which would likely sell out fast (maybe?).

I was lucky enough to grab a PSVR shortly after it's launch. I've probably only played like 15 hours total on it, but the experiences in VR and the sheer enjoyment I get out of watching "first timers" try VR when they come over for a visit has been more than enough payoff. I'm seriously thinking about packing up my PS4 Pro and PSVR and taking it to the family meeting during the Holidays. It's seriously so fun watching people try it. But, then again, If one of my asshole niece or nephews decide they want to be an asshole, I could quickly see $800 vanish in just a few seconds when the thing comes crashing down off of a TV stand.

Hardiman1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

You guys are right as I've only heard great things about PSVR. My cousin has it and I tried out Batman Arkham VR and it was cool as hell and he has a PS4 and not a Pro. It seems like from what I've read the Pro smooths the experience out even more so I'm good on that front. The only hang up I have is the HDR not being supported on the headset. Just in the sense I don't want to get one and then down the road they release one that does offer HDR. That's the only reason I haven't got one yet. Like I said more than likely I'll get one tomorrow.
EDIT: My wife just told me that she wants to play RE7 in VR. She said tomorrow we were gonna go and see if they were still at Wal-Mart LOL. She likes to watch me play through some like the Uncharted series, The Last of Us and some indie titles but she has never wanted to play but she saw the commercial for RE7 Monday and she wants to try it out. I can't wait to see her crap her pants.

kraenk121980d ago


I think it's going to be some time until HDR comes to small screens like that...but you're right, that's going to improve the experience even more.

sk8ofmnd1980d ago

Puts hands on hips (superman pose)

My wallet allows it! Hurry up january!!

littletad1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Too many games in backlog. Rather get it end of the year with all dlc or black friday sales and on Scorpio.

@whitesoxfalife1976 if you mean it's a greater experience because of the psvr, i guess it's a personal taste. I get motion sickness easily, migraine sufferer, so I don't see myself ever getting virtual reality, no matter the hardware. And plus, Resident evil 7 is a fps, so I prefer the xbox and the elite controller for this game. Looking forward to Horizon Dawn though ;)

whitesoxfalife19761980d ago

im an xbox owner as well but you cant hate where a game is great at for the experience and i think that will be one hell of an exp....well at from the tuber i watched... his ass was funny as hell

PurpHerbison1980d ago

Youtubers tend to put on an act.

whitesoxfalife19761980d ago

nah not this one supposedly this guy plays nothing but horror games, hell i watch him some game from japan about being fuckn locked in a bathroom or some shit....

BizarroUltraman1980d ago

I agree with Purp, how else do they keep their subs. After so many it becomes a job and how to keep them. So they act and exaggerate alot of things. Soon you'll be sending them a gift.

DeadlyOreo1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )


Nah. The game plays and looks that good so the YouTuber wasn't putting on an act. I think it just sucks that you can't play it in VR to be honest.

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