New PS4 'Revolution Pro' Controller Announced by Sony

The Revolution Pro is a newly announced PS4 and PS4 Pro controller that was specifically designed with competitive gaming in mind. Now available to pre-order.

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Genuine-User2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Looks good, it should hopefully satisfy the "elite" crowd. Too expensive for my taste though.

ninsigma2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Good to have options but after spending 150 or whatever it was on the xbox elite controller and having felt like it was a waste of money, I'm not gonna drop 170 on this one lol
Out of the two they announced, this would be the one I'd get if I was to get one though.

Wait this isn't the one I was thinking of. Got confused with the raiju which costs 170 ( and is the one I would choose).

RpgSama2738d ago

This is by Nacon, not Sony, it's another "elite" controller from a third party. Still too much money for a controller.

StrykerDragoon2738d ago

Yeah this is from Nacon but it is licensed by SONY. So that means its an official product.

FITgamer2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I'd rather just get a Scuf. At least they are official DS4 controllers. This thing is fugly.

@NiteX It's definitely not as ugly as this thing. Also I've said before I wouldn't ever buy one of these "pro" controllers. They are a waste of money. I'm just saying Scuf is more aesthetically pleasing.

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Alexander1Nevermind2738d ago

I think the one by razer looks better imo. This would be my choice


starchild2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I agree with FITgamer, I think the Skuf Infinity looks better. I do like some things about this one, such as the D-pad and analogue stick placements. What's the price difference between the two?

XisThatKid2738d ago

Don't like the sticks and not paying that much resurge

Mr Pumblechook2737d ago

It looks like it has most features, except the lights on it so it can't be used with PSVR?

joab7772737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Wasn't it only $100 or am I mistaken. My friends have spent almost $500 each on Scuff controllers for different games.

Wish Sony had just partnered with Scuf! This would have rivaled both MS's elite and their a ability to customize as you can get Scuf game-themed controllers etc. Also, they are basically a regular PS4 controller modded, and I live my PS4 controller. I don't want the design changed or it made to feel like an Xbox controller. I like their controllers but not as much as DS4, much, much more than DS3.

Though these are cheaper.

Nintendo-or-Nothing2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Does real pro-gamers use the controller and feel its worth it? Maybe?

SolidStoner2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

I always wanted Sony and other companies to have multiple options in controller departments, one for everyone is not a good idea, we should have controllers designed specifically for kids small hands, and then have an option for grown ups, then for grown ups with large hands (not my problem, but I read about it on internet hundred times people complain about sizes, lol ) then controllers for pro players with ability to tune and improve it if possible, and why not to create something similar to PC laser mouse precision, Im sure it would not split user base or anything, for example some players in BF1 online playing with controller like a pro beasts, while others can be at the last place with a mouse... each gamer is unique and has its own play style and knowledge about gaming in general, not to mention reaction times, orientation in 3D space, memory, and kids playing doing random stuff etc... so what I mean is online is already very unfair, just like real life the one who bites first, eats first!! So hope to see some variation and evolution of controllers, make them best and most precise!

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Overload2738d ago

I don't think it even looks good, to be honest.

I won't be buying this.

Utalkin2me2738d ago

You're totally right. It needs to match your handbag and scarf in order to be beneficial. I mean what would my friends think if i had this controller in my hands and they seen me. Who cares how it performs or feels. It needs to look amazing first considering i spend most of my time looking at the TV. So when i do look at it, it should look fresh and of the charts.

Overload2738d ago

I have lots of PS4 controllers, I'm not a pro gamer and I'm not spending that kind of money on a ugly controller.

starrman19852738d ago

@Utalkin2me - It's an expensive controller, granted the looks don't effect the performance but they're still an intrinsic part of the design if they actually want it to sell. When you're paying a premium price you expect all bases to be covered.

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IamTylerDurden12738d ago

It won't satisfy as it isn't made by Sony. It's just another 3rd party peripheral. I'd choose the Razor Raiju if i was forced to pick, but i'll stick with my Sony made DS4. Not a fan of offset analog sticks. The D pad looks like a downgrade. The new DS4 is better for VR with a light on the touchpad.

For the type of money these 3rd party controllers are costing i'd rather buy the Sony platinum headset.

boomtube19872738d ago

Sony apprives offcial Xbox designed like controller. XBOX controller is just much better than PS4 controller esepcially for Shooters and Racing genre.

Goldby2732d ago

in your opinion,

i personally prefer the symmetrical twin joystick set up if im having to use my controller for racing games. never having to touch the face buttons or dpad. index fingers on teh triggers, thumbs on the joysticks.

Symmetrical, the way it should be

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Neonridr2738d ago

amazing how much it looks like an Xbox One controller now ;)

MetalProxy2738d ago

Yep and thats why I won't be buying it. Can't stand the analog stick layout and it's super ugly.

Aloy-Boyfriend2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Me neither. I have been using Dualshock for a long time and I have no problem with the layout. No one had even when Xbox began to be a thing. All these people suddenly saying that off set is better and bla bla are just stupid fanboys. No placement is better than the other.

Granted this is a third party thing. PlayStation should not adopt this design. It doesn't belong here

JEECE2738d ago

Yeah, my thumbs are in the same location on both hands, so I want my sticks in the same location on each side of the controller.

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Magnetar2738d ago

Its a great option for people that prefer the Xbox layout, like myself.

Christopher2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I don't mind the analog stick layout, but I am probably one of the very few who prefers the slimmer/smaller body of the PS4 over the Xbox controllers. Having said that, I don't think it's feasible to create an 'elite' style controller in the form of the standard DS4, though.

@NerdyNinjaHugs: That it definitely is. My preference aside, this is great for people who want something different and don't like the standard controller.

UnHoly_One2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Omg the "my thumbs are the same" excuse is the stupidest argument I've ever heard, I'm so sick of that.

I feel sorry for all of you people that can't point your thumbs in a slightly different direction.

You'll never get to play some great games like The God of War Series that requires one thumb on the left stick and the other on the face buttons for 95% of your playtime.

If you think that layout is better that's ok, but don't use an asinine reason like "symmetrical thumbs" to defend it.

On the topic of why this layout may be considered more "pro", it's just more versatile.

Try to use your right thumb to select something with the Dpad on a PS4 controller. Unless your thumb is twice normal length you can't without letting go of the controller entirely.

Being able to access the Dpad easily with either hand is the one huge advantage to the Xbox layout that I never see mentioned for some reason.

Deadpooled2738d ago

I manage fine with both layouts. I do agree the thumbs are naturally placed on the DS4 layout, personally I am used to both because since the PS1 days I (don't know why I did, it like just *happened*) used the dpad on the DS1 to move, so am familiar with both layouts and hand positioning. But imo definitely I would prefer a Sony 'elite' controller to use the analog DS4 layout as that is what I am now familiar with when playing PlayStation games.