Sony unaware of any slow PS3 download speeds

Despite ongoing reports of abnormally slow downloads from the PlayStation Store, Sony says the issue is most likely isolated to low bandwidth areas.

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Laexerias3688d ago

Since the PS3 has been released in Europe, i never, i say NEVER, had any slow downloads! o_O Not like with my Xbox360 where a download needs 2days..

jack who3688d ago

plz stop the bs...unless u using ADSL or sumthing

pwnsause3688d ago

Maybe you have ADSL, a perfect combination for your Matchbox 360.

PS3ROCKS3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

it super fast. My friend has comcast and it also goes so slow downloading form the PS Store.

chaosatom3688d ago

Although, I used to get logged of PSN for no reason. I know somebody suggested to change ports, but I kept it the same. Now I don't seem to get logged out.

Also, it's download faster on PSN than my PC imo, since I don't download Gigabytes of data on my PC :).

SPECTRUX3688d ago

Downloads are fast for me. 30 minutes for 2 gb.

marinelife93688d ago

I, like Sony, was unaware of slow download speeds.

DJ3688d ago

I can download and install the firmware updates in just 4 or 5 minutes. PSN content is fast as well.

UltimateIdiot9113688d ago

Really, it's slow, as far as I know, PSN goes at the max download speed.

sonarus3688d ago

I use comcast 16mbs and its still relatively slow. I used to have aol broadband at 1.5mbps and the difference and instead of it being like 10times faster its only like 2x faster.

Its annoying cus i paid extra for faster online just for psn

masterg3688d ago

I'd say it's slower than my connection normally is.
One thing is super slow. The thumbnail images in the shop, still takes forever to load. The same goes for signing in.

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ShinMaster3688d ago

Wait, what? It's slow?

Maybe it's just some peoples horrible connection speed.

Panthers3688d ago

Hey, whats wrong with dial up?

AlterEgo3688d ago

It's not Sony, it's peoples connections.

LinuxGuru3688d ago

I download at 1.2MB / sec from the PSN. Works great for me.