PlayStation 4 Multi Packs Out on 16th December 2016

It’s time to replay some classic titles this holiday season. On the 16th of December, Playstation will be releasing a couple of previously-released best-selling PS4 gaming titles in multi-packs for your entertainment this year end.

Majin-vegeta2365d ago

Damn those are some good bundles.

XanderZane2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

Meh.. only one I'd be interested in is:

God of War™ III Remastered
Helldivers™: Super-Earth Ultimate Edition
The Last of Us™ Remastered

But I would rather have Until Dawn in the package instead of Helldivers since I already bought that game. Everything else I already have or don't want. Price is too high though. Should be like $49.99 or less.

GNious2363d ago

Yeah, 53 USD is far too much, 50 USD is better :)

Army_of_Darkness2362d ago

Way Cheaper to just wait for a PSN plus deal.

XanderZane2362d ago

Thought it was $76. Guess that wasn't US dollars. Still $50 or less.

It is? Shadow of the Beast was one of the worse PS4 exclusives.

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Angeljuice2363d ago

Shadow of the Beast is absolutely brilliant. One of my top 3 games this gen.

Bloodborne, Until Dawn and SotB is a fantastic bundle for someone new to PS4.

stokedAF2363d ago

I lent my until dawn game out and never got it back so I would totally buy that bundle in the thumbnail. I wouldn't pay 76 dollars for it though. Why are the prices so high?

Fishy Fingers2363d ago

Yeah you could buy them individually for less and they'll probably be reduced further in the Christmas sales.

Moe-Gunz2363d ago

Or you can tell that person, time to give you your game back 😂

cash_longfellow2363d ago

If you're in North America, I think Until Dawn is on sale in the PS Store for $7.99 this week.

fenome2363d ago

I'm gonna have to swoop on that. I can't believe I still haven't played that game yet.

Cmv382363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

Off to confirm!.....

I have confirmation, its true, and purchased. Im still bummed i missed the heavy rain sale 3 weeks ago.

cash_longfellow2363d ago

@fenome and Cmv38, it's a fantastic game, enjoy!

Drizzy2363d ago

Thanks man I'm gonna pick this and Dc up right now

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ABizzel12363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

It's Singapore revenue, they're more than likely $49.99 USD, although I'm hoping for $39.99.

LoveSpuds2363d ago

Those are Singapore dollars, works out at around 50 bucks from what I can see.

Aenea2363d ago

Singapore dollars tho, is about 53 US dollars...

stokedAF2363d ago

That's still not much of a deal though.

Aenea2363d ago

Around 50 for 3 games seems OK to me

stokedAF2363d ago

It's ok I guess but it's not good for the one I like. 3 or so dollars off of each game. Until dawn and bloodborne are always 20 percent off for me since I have the Best Buy club.

I could buy both separately for around 32 dollars (not including a sale). They are old games and one is an old psn title. Packing all three for 40 would be a good deal. I would still get 8 bucks off so 32 dollars for 3 games would be a good deal for me. A free game basically.

ABizzel12363d ago


If it comes to Best Buy for $50 then it'll be $40 after GCU. Best Buy is my go to for new games 99% of the time because of GCU.

Aenea2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

Yeah, for me none are a good deal, either I have all of them (last 2) or I only miss one of them, so I will be better off at buying those separately...

redaxis2363d ago

have you guys noticed its SGD? SIngapore dollar, dude... These are totally worth it.

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peewee110162363d ago

These are not US prices guys...

Elda2363d ago

You can get these games separate & pay much less.

LoveSpuds2363d ago

Singapore dollars are quoted in the article. 50ish US dollars for 3 great games seems reasonable enough.

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