Phoenix Games Reviews SPORE Origins for the iPhone

The hugely hyped Spore franchise, released by Electronic Arts, is living up to the hype. We first got a glimpse of this great game when it was shown at a presentation by Steve Jobs. Mr. Jobs was announcing that the iPhone was being opened to third party developers allowing anyone to create applications for the iPhone including games. EA was one of the companies chosen by Apple to create some test apps.

We were shown a quick demo of SPORE which was just amazing. The graphics were as good as the Nintendo DS and the gameplay was just awesome. Phoenix Games couldn't wait to download it to their iPhone and begin to create some interesting creatures. When 2.0 came out for the iPhone, they thought Spore would soon follow but to their disappointment, it wasn't. We all had to wait a few months but it is finally here.

SPORE Origins is a game based on evolution. You are a digital God, creating simple lifeforms and helping them evolve and survive in a "Eat-or-be-Eaten" world. You must help your little creature feast upon anything smaller than it and flee from anything that is big enough to eat it. You are able to change its shape, color and improve its defensive and offensive abilities.

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