360 HD DVD Drive Sells Nearly 100K In US

The Xbox 360 HD DVD drive has clocked up 92,000 sales in the US according to market researchers at the NPD group.

42,000 of the 360 peripherals were sold in the US in November 2006 (its first month of sale). This was followed by 50,000 units being sold in December. The 360 has sold 4.5 million in the US, therefore the HD DVD drive's uptake is currently just over 2%.

These figures compare to 687,300 Blu-Ray-enabled PS3s sold to date in the US. That means that just shy of 600,000 more Blu-ray DVD players are sat in the homes of US gamers than 360 HD DVD drives.

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THAMMER15430d ago

It is too early to invest in my veiws. But I am buying a ZUNE asap.

Marty83705430d ago

How is 92k sold,100k.God why do you Xbots have to make crap up.Your like 8k out, that alot.PS3 & Blu-ray is still wiping the floor with HD-DVD.

frostbite065430d ago

Thats what happens when its forced onto your favorite game console

Fanboys are gay5429d ago

some people are so blinded by hate like ps3 fan that they cant read the title of the artical "nearly 100k" with the enphasis on NEARLY u fool

Fanboys are gay5430d ago

if the blu-ray was optional on the ps3 the sales firgures would be around the same with hd-dvd probally ahead cause if hd-dvd is selling more disc's that must mean that nearly 80-90% of people arnt using the ps3 for blu-ray movies

grifter0245430d ago

why do you keep bashing other consoles man. Sheesh ps3 fan why do it? Its a add on ok its oookk. Wow you attack it like it attack your mom or something , and I bought the hd-dvd and it looks good on my lcd tv the only trouble im having is to see it in 720 or 1080 .

Ggame5430d ago

Blu-ray Built-in on PS3 sold about 700,000 units. OK?

Fanboys are gay5430d ago

yet sales of hd-dvd's are still higher

DrKing5430d ago

they did sell 700+k blueray players. It's a shame they didn't sell 700+k game consoles though.

DJ5430d ago

Blu-ray sales are surpassing HD-DVD sales (as revealed at CES), and over 90% of PS3 owners have watched a Blu-ray movie on their consoles -> technically the first 500K don't count since Talladega Nights came with those units, but that still means 35% of PS3 owners have actually gone out and purchased a Blu-ray movie for their consoles. Compare that to 1% of Xbox 360 owners purchasing an HD-DVD movie, and the difference becomes obvious. Can't imagine what will happen to Blu-ray's dominance once Sony hits 10 million consoles instead of just 1 million.

xbox360migs5430d ago

But personally I would not believe half the rubbish the Blu ray camp at CES said, It's business as usual to over-inflate the picture and declare Blu-ray the winner like they did at CES, especially when sony are concerned. The HD DVD camp remained positive too and so it should. I and many others are trying to get hold of these HD-DVD add-ons and I'm sure if they could make enough MS would have sold even more. Mine turned up today and I have ordered 3 Movies to go on the list of total HD DVDs sold. I hope many other fellow Xbox 360 owners get the add-on for themselves too (if they have an HD TV), So we can vote with our wallets and make sure that the cheaper of the two formats that performs just as well if not better in some cases than blu_ray, wins the format war! HD DVD....... P.S. HMV for us in the UK sell HD dvds very cheap from what I have seen!

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