'Better than Blu' HD format coming from Sim2

Sim2, manufacturer of high-end home theater projectors is set to launch a new HD disc which it claims is "Better than Blu", a reference to the industry-backed Blu-ray Disc.

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Drekken3688d ago

Consumers just went through a format war... I really dont think we are ready for another one. Unless this disc has superfast read times and way bigger than blu - nice try.

mohib-uddin79865323688d ago

There nto gonna suceed. Its too late !

PimpHandStrong3688d ago

they can get MS into this format and the 720 instead of using blueray can use this!

thats the only way the have any chance of taking over from BR

Marceles3688d ago

Yeah seriously, if Blu-ray is slowly but surely catching on to consumers, how long will something "better than blu" take? And at what price? If this even became a competition between the 2 formats, Sony might even cut prices on Blu-ray. All this would do is make people adopt Blu-ray even faster, so bring it on Sim2, but you can't stop the inevitable.

athlon7703688d ago

A dual layer, double sided DVD toping out at 16gig has a higher / better resolution than a blu-Ray disc? Have they not learned that compression = loss of quality? HD-DVD was the best shot against BD yet even they lost out because of lack of storage space. Yeah, this is not going very far...

Lifendz3688d ago

The Industry just went through a format war (as someone above stated) and are not going to want to play it out all over again. That's great that they have this new superior tech. Maybe some major studios release a movie here or there on it but the majority of movies will be Blu-ray and DVD. Any more than that would be over saturation of the market and no good for consumers, distributors, or retailers.

gokuss1220023688d ago

hey maybe they use dvd as the standard drive on the 720 (compression will be great in 2010), license the sims2 tech for a 720 add-on, and then tell the customers "sure baby, I'll call you"

This will probably happen just after they tell 360 owners that they will no longer support the 360.

Gorgon3688d ago

"...for $40 USD and on double-sided dual-layer DVDs with a capacity of just over 16GB"


bpac1234567893687d ago

This is stupid. even if there format was superior to blu-ray in every way (which i doubt), with no one in the industry backing them they wont sell a single disc. The format war is over, blu-ray won, the only chance of making money on a highdef disc now is to back blu-ray. Thats just how it is.

Thugbot1873687d ago

I know I’m stepping in the lion’s den with this comment but I’ll try to shed a little light on this. Yes we just went through a format war. The problem is while BLU RAY delivers enough space for high res 1080p movies, it doesn’t offer enough space for backing up Terabyte data storages. I know everyone is saying BLU RAY is the format because the movie industry is aboard but it doesn't meet data backup storage needs of the computer side of the house and at the rate in which games sizes are growing I don't think BLU ray will keep up with demands for next generation gaming consoles. If BLU RAY doesn't make a dent in DVD sales in the next year expect it to be another failed Sony format.

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Mr_Bun3688d ago

They state "better than 1080p" without actual numbers...and most televisions are only capable of 1080p (if even that) which means you won't get "better than 1080p" anyways...FAIL!

Time_Is_On_My_Side3688d ago

I was just about to say the same thing and what is making Blu-ray disc becoming main stream is that most people don't have 1080p televisions. Not only that 1080p is the highest television stations don't even run that high only 720p/i or even 1080i the most.

Brixxer6003688d ago

Blu-Ray has just really started, let's forget about trying to kill it off and just get as many movies released on it as possible.

I just bought Batman Begins on BD for the Dark Knight prologue feature and as far as i'm concerned it's picture perfect.

LevDog3688d ago

RIIIGHT.. better than 1080p.. Ok great.. Now if they sold a TV commerically that is better than 1080p awesome.. Oh wait they dont.. only like 30% of people own a 1080p TV.. and your talking passed 1080p.. One step at a time people.. HD Age just began.. Obviously 1080p isnt the ceiling but we arent even in full HD swing yet..

This annoucment would have been great like 7 years from now

Vitalogy3688d ago

like hd-dvd was better than BD too. LOOOL

I know somehow someday BD will be beat but, not today and not tomorrow. Maybe, with good odds, in 6/7 years, again, maybe.

Sitdown3688d ago

I thought Hd DVD was better.......well at least for the in-movie features that bluray is just starting to add.

cherrypie3688d ago

HD-DVD is better.

Why? You can play HD-DVDs in your *EXISTING* DVD player -- how many HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of DVD players are there?

You can use HD-DVD players as upscale DVD players.

HD-DVD was cheaper to produce.

Q) The reason HD-DVD is gone from the market?
A) Sony paid its MPAA / RIAA partners to stop supporting it.

End of story.

Ju3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Aeh, no, you cannot play HD-DVDs in your DVD player. You can play a HD-DVD/DVD combo disk in your DVD player, though. Not a lot HD-DVDs come with a DVD side, though (or should I have said, "came").

Well, and yes, you can use an upscaling DVD player to scale DVD to HD/1080p, and you can use any BD player to do the same.

And, I have a motivation to get another PS3 for my bedroom :0, and and argument which even my wife would understand, lol.

And sure, Sony was a driving force to make BD a success, and the PS3.

MS/Toshiba had their chance. They could have put an HD-DVD player into the XBox. But noooh, they did not. Game over. Get over it. Then we would have said, MS paid them off to establish HD-DVD. BTW. MS tried to bribe the studios into HD-DVD by selling them exclusive contracts to DD when they sign up for HD-DVD. Haven't heard that from Sony (or the BD group).

Ah, what I forgot. To be on topic. $40 a movie ? That's even more then BD now. WTH.

VF34EJ253688d ago

Yeah HD-DVD was soooooooooo better. That's why it's only capable of half the bit rate of Blu-Ray's. And not to mention, some movies weren't even capable of TrueHD sound like Transformers.

Dark General3688d ago

Looks like Ju stepped in before me. I was just about to say the same thing *laughs*.

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